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Booking, cancelling and learning requests

Corporate Learning & Development provide a range of learning interventions that include learning events, workshops and briefings which apply to most staff at the University and link to the HR strategy.  We try to offer these in short sessions where possible, and vary days and different times.


What learning activities are available?

Our 'Learning Opportunities booklet', details the learning opportunities that we offer. You will also find a wide range of learning and development opportunities offered by other learning providers, Academic Professional Development, Information Services [IT] and Health, Safety & Wellbeing on their intranet pages.

HR Connect details all learning activities whether they are scheduled or not and contains all learning activity overviews. 

The 'Learning Events' section on the staff intranet home page lists dates of all scheduled learning events.

If attending a learning event isn't for you, we also offer a number of on line learning activities which are detailed in our learning activities and on line learning.  


Bespoke Sessions

If you are interested in organising a course customised for your team or department please contact Corporate Learning & Development by e-mail or call extn 5036 to discuss your requirements.   


How do I book on a learning event?

Attendance should be discussed and agreed with your HoD/line manager and linked to your PDR Learning & Development Plan before booking.

If you have access to HR Connect Self-Service all bookings need to be made through HR Connect employee self serve. If you are unsure of how to do this a self-service user guide is available to help you book on to a learning event or learning activity waiting list. 


If you do not have access to HR Connect Employee self-service, you will need to contact Corporate Learning & Development by email or phone 5036: Room 5.B.29, Sighthill. 


What to do if you are unable to attend a scheduled event?

If you are unable to attend a scheduled learning event/ do not have access to HR Connect and wish to be placed on the learning activity waiting list, you should email Corporate Learning & Development, Room 5.B.29, Sighthill.  

Waiting lists are monitored monthly and events will be arranged on a needs basis. Once details are finalised you will be contacted by Corporate Learning & Development. 


What to do if a development opportunity isn't available?

If you are interested in development that isn't available in HR connect or listed on line, you can contact Corporate Learning & Development by email or call 5036 

Learning event reminder and pre-course information/ work

Confirmations are no longer issued as a meeting request via outlook calendar.  

A learning event reminder will automatically be sent to you through HR Connect 5 days prior to the event date. If you do not receive this reminder and/ or if you encounter any problems, please contact Corporate Learning & Development on ext. 5036.  

Pre event information, questionnaires etc. are attached to the relevant Learning Activity on HR Connect. All delegates should review the information on receiving their 'Booked' confirmation and 'Reminder' emails. If you are unsure where to find the information refer to page 10 of the self-service user guide.

For externals and delegates who have no access to HR Connect an event confirmation, including Pre Event Information, will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the event date. 

Cancelling a booking

Once you book on a learning event please make it a priority to attend.  Only cancel if it is absolutely necessary. 

Cancellations will be accepted up to 10 working days before the event starts. Thereafter, your department will be charged for cancellations and no attendance on the day, unless there are  exceptional circumstances. 

If you have access to HR Connect, cancellations need to be made through HR Connect employee self-service. 

If you do not have access to HR Connect - contact Corporate Learning & Development by email or call ext. 5036 as soon as you can. 


Attending a learning event

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the course is due to start.