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Coaching and Mentoring at Edinburgh Napier University



Coaching is a proactive, planned development opportunity to think through and further develop the effectiveness of your own performance, working relationships or career goals.

Common motivations for seeking coaching support include:

  • Reflecting on the impact of your personal leadership approach, style and behaviours
  • Influencing and managing challenging work-based relationships with confidence
  • Managing thinking around transitions or challenges within current roles and responsibilities
  • Reflecting on your current role and future career development
  • Developing general personal awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Managing your approach to work life balance


To ensure that coaching activities across the university are co-ordinated, cost-effective and meet the needs of the University and the member of staff, we have contracted external coaching professionals with experience of coaching staff in the Higher Education sector. Additionally, some Edinburgh Napier University staff are qualified coaches. These external and internal coaches form our "coaching pool".

Specific enquiries contact: Laurna Macaulay - L.Macaulay@napier.ac.uk



Mentoring enables one person to help another achieve their potential by sharing experience, listening and guiding. It is a one to one relationship between mentor and mentee based on trust, confidentiality and equality.

Many processes are similar to coaching but delivered by individuals with different qualifications and different relationships with their mentee.

Mentoring is an integral part of a number of our development programmes

Specific enquiries contact: Laurna Macaulay- corplearningdevelopment@napier.ac.uk or extn/ 5036


Forms and general enquiries

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to request a coach or mentor, please e-mail corporate learning and development to request a form.