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Learning Resources - top tips and on line learning


This page is organised by Learning Type, the same as HR Connect, and by A-Z to help you find what you are looking for.

This practical toolkit has relevant web links and tips, designed to help you with the day to day challenges of your role as well as links to staff development resources within and without our web pages.

It can offer you with an alternative approach to development: use it to compliment other development opportunities, like our events, or as a stand alone approach to learning.

PLEASE NOTE: You should always take into consideration the implications of copyright when downloading and using information.


Learning Types


Administrative Essentials

Admissions process - UCAS training and advice to HE staff supporting the admissions process

Association of University Administrators - has a number of publications, learning events and professional development opportunities available

Committee servicing good practice - the do's and don'ts

E-mailing - the do's and don'ts

Records management - for staff and managers

Writing guide for Edinburgh Napier University - a short guide to the University's communication style

Writing guide for Edinburgh Napier University - a full guide to the University's communication style

Writings tips - some useful daily writing tips from spelling and punctuation to business writing.

Writing tips - using apostrophes (')


Edinburgh Napier Essentials

There are currently no learning resources available in this learning type.


IT Skills

Basic IT skills - if you have limited or no experience of using a computer; includes logging on & off, e-mail, internet, HR Connect

E-mailing - the do's and don'ts

Microsoft online resources - online learning for free on MS packages and SharePoint

Leadership and Management Development


Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) - this internet site provides you with links to events, learning resources and professional networks amongst many other links and topics


Leadership and Management Essentials


There are currently no learning resources available in this learning type.

Personal Effectiveness


Business Balls - Free career help, business training, organisational development - inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates - free and fun - are all available here.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) - surveys, factsheets, employment law updates amongst many other resources are available here

Change Management - in the Education Sector -  This infoKit was developed out of a HEFCE Good Management Practice Project led by the University of Luton (now the University of Bedfordshire) entitled ‘Effecting Change in Higher Education‘.

Difficult conversations - tips on how to handle difficult or challenging conversations are available with ACAS

E-mailing - the do's and don'ts

E-mail management - guidance

Learning styles - find out your preferred way of learning with Honey and Mumford's learning styles model

Meeting tips - Running an effective meeting

Presentation skills - how to and visual aids

Project Management - basic principles, templates and methodology used at Edinburgh Napier

Professional Qualifications - The UK's National Contact Point for Professional Qualifications provides information and guidance on the recognition of professional qualifications

Staying up to date with university news - Set up email alerts to receive staff announcements

Speed reading  - A quick guide and some top tips for free

Training and facilitating - Trainers tips and resources

Research Development


There are currently no learning resources available in this learning type. 

Proof Reading


This is an offering provided by Publishing Scotland. Any cost for this service will need to be undertaken by your School or Service. Please contact www.publishingscotland.org for more information on dates and costs of this event.