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Managing a team is a significant responsibility and it requires various skills to do this effectively. Your role as a manager plays a pivotal role in the support, success, and engagement of our colleagues. The HR team is, therefore, delighted to offer the Management Essentials programme which aims to explore the complex and multi-faced nature of this role.  

Some of the wide range of activities that your role will entail are: 


  • Communicate timely, clearly and effectively 
  • Set meaningful and achievable goals 
  • Monitor progress and adjust priorities  
  • Plan and manage individual's and team's workload 
  • Manage challenges or conflict in a timely and supportive manner 
  • Conduct regular 1 to 1’s, team meetings and other opportunities that enable good communication throughout the team 
  • Cascade University, School/department or team communications and explain what they mean for the team​ 
  • Provide and receive feedback effectively  
  • Inspire and support team members in achieving personal/developmental/school/departmental objectives and goals 
  • Apply coaching techniques to build individuals’ confidence, capabilities and independence  
  • Build trust, motivate and support your team 
  • ​Demonstrate skills to problem solve and make decisions  


While the list is not exhaustive, it demonstrates the diverse skills and vast knowledge required to carry out this role. Developing these abilities is achieved through a variety of ways, such as, on the job experiences, learning from others and of course more formal routes such as this programme. 

Over and above the learning outcomes, your participation will enable you to grow a network of support through other managers you get to know through the programme. 

The Management Essentials programme consists of 6 modules that can be undertaken in a sequential order or selected individually to suit your availability.


Please see a short summary for each module below and please refer to the programme leaflet​​​​ for more details. You may also want to have a look at the FAQs​​​ sheet​.  ​

Please note that in order to complete the programme all 5 modules must be attended.    

As this is a new programme and we also strive to continuously review and enhance the quality of our training courses, we would greatly appreciate if you could complete this short survey . 

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions please email staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk