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New Manager Induction

We want to ensure that all staff taking on people management responsibilities at Edinburgh Napier feel equipped and confident to do so. This Induction programme provides new managers with vital skills, training and development opportunities in the early days of their new role.​


Your Induction checklist


Your induction checklist includes links a list of essential tasks to complete within your first six months in role. 

By working through the process and accompanying documentation you should be well on your way to understand the responsibilities, skills and training that's required to be an effective manager at Edinburgh Napier University.


Please download your induction checklist


New manager induction checklist​​​


Essential management programme


In order to develop your skill to be an effective manager you will be required to complete the following workshops. Details on the below can be found here.

1.              The Role of the Manager at ENU

2.              HR for People Mangers

3.              My Contribution for Managers

4.              Meaningful Management Conversations

5.              Managing Teams

Developing your skills


The development workshops we offer are available to all grade 4 and above managers and leaders.  Both academic and professional service staff are welcomed to a stimulating, creative and collegiate environment in which the subject of management & leadership can prosper and develop to enhance your role.​

To find out more about these development opportunities please visit the online staff training events page ​

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