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​​ ​Lastly updated on 15 Dec 2022

Online staff development events 


Thank you for visiting the Learning and Development Team event page, below you will find diverse workshops, organised by our team.

​​Upcoming se​ssions for all staff:​​

                   ​ Title of the​ Session                                                      Booking via         Date(s)                  Times

My Contribution: Objective Setting and Self-Assessment                        HR Connect            20 Feb 2023        10.00-12.00

Induction: Working at Edinburgh Napier                                                     HR Connect            21 Feb 2023       09.30-13.00

Process Mapping and Spotting (split over 5 days)                                     HR Connect            13 Mar 2023       09.30-10.30

Discovering Impactful Presentation Techniques                                         HR Connect            25 April 2023     10.00-12.00


Data Protection for Researchers (including form completion)​   -   Running every second Wednesday from 15.30-16.30             


Upcoming sessions - Management Essentials Programme:​  


​                     Title of the​ Session                                           Booking via            Date(s)                           Times

For further information about Management Essentials Programme please CLICK HERE​


​​Upcoming se​ssions for managers:​​

                   ​ Title of the​ Session                                                      Booking via         Date(s)                  Times

​​How to book/cancel your space? 

To book a space on a training course please click on the title of the session you are ​interested to join, listed in the ​tables above. ​ You ca​n ​also do so by logging​ into HR connect (please refer to this guide​​​​​​​). 

To cancel your place please refer to this guide.

If the course is fully booked you can add your name to the waitlist (please refer to this guide​​). 

Further staff development opportunities and resources

​​In addition to the sessions offered by the Learning and Development Team, there are various development opportunities and support, offered by numerous teams across the University. There are also great resources offered by external providers. For further information, please click on the relevant box from the list below.       


For any queries, comments or further information please contact staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​