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​​ ​Lastly updated on 17 Feb 2021

Online staff development events 


Thank you for visiting the Learning and Development Team event page, below you will find diverse workshops, organised by our team. 

​Before joining our webinars we would recommend you to read our virtual workshop guide. It will help you familiarise yourself with virtual classroom etiquette and prepare you for your sessions. By doing this you will ensure you get most out of the learning event and support facilitator.​

​​Upcoming se​ssions for all staff:​​

                   ​ Title of the​ Session                                                      Booking via         Date(s)               Times

​Business improvement (1:1 session)                                                          E-Calendar           Various                     Var​ious

Cultural Awareness​                                                                                   HR Connect         4 Mar 21           14.00-16.00

Priority Management​                                                                                    HR connect  10 Mar 21           10.30-12.00

Process spotting & mapping (4-day course)                                           HR Connect         23-26 Mar 21   10.00-11.00

Excel (advanced level) ​                                                                                  HR Connect         25 Mar 21                9.30-12.30

Building Personal Resilience                                                                   HR Connect          31 Mar 21           9:30-12:30 

Induction​                                                                                                         HR Connect          1 April 21                10.30-12.30

Menopause and Perimenopause Awareness​​                                           HR Connect          13 Apr 21                9.15-12.15

Continuous Improvement tools and thinking​                                           HR Connect         20 Apr 21           9.30-12.30


Upcoming sessions - Management Essentials Programme:​  


​                     Title of the​ Session                                           Booking via            Date(s)                           Times

The Role of the Manager at ENU - Module 1 (part 1&2)            HR Connect                 Fully booked

HR for People Manager at ENU - Module 2 (part 1&2)              HR Connect                 Fully booked 

HR for People Manager at ENU - Module 2 (part 1&2)              HR Connect                 Fully booked

My Contribution for Managers - Module 3                                   HR Connect                Fully booked

Managing Difficult Conversation - Module 4 (part 1&2)             HR Connect                Fully booked

Managing Resources - Module 5 (part 1&2)                                 HR Connect                Fully booked

Managing Teams - Mo​dule 6​                                                            HR Connect                Fully booked


​​How to book your space? 

To book a space on a training course please click on the title of the session you are ​interested to join, listed in the ​tables above. ​ 

Please note that in order to book your space via HR Connect you will need to log into the University's Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) or the Virtual Network (VPN)​. Please contact staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk if you experience any difficulties with booking on to a session.

Further staff development opportunities and resources

​​In addition to the sessions offered by the Learning and Development Team, there are various development opportunities and support, offered by numerous teams across the University. There are also great resources offered by external providers. For further information, please click on the relevant box from the list below.       


For any queries, comments or further information please contact staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​