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​O​ur Projects

All of our activities are aligned to support the University’s strategic priorities and annual plans. In 2021 we are supporting the University Annual Plan with a focus on:​ 

My Contribution ​

The My Contribution process is the road map for each staff member to identify what skills they need to do their job, what development can help them do it better and more confidently, and how they want their career to progress at Edinburgh Napier University. 


​​This year the upgraded My Contribution process supports staff and their line managers to agree job outputs and the related learning and development priorities and opportunities.  

Leadership Development ​

Leadership Development helps expand the capacity of our staff to perform in leadership roles. Our leaders facilitate the execution of our University strategy through building alignment, winning support and growing the capability of others.  

In 2021 we are building on the platform of our Inspiring Leadership Programme and focusing on developing the self awareness of our leadership population utilizing emotional intelligence development tools.  

Learning ​

​​Learning is central to our performance, progression and wellbeing.  

We continue to introduce and develop flexible learning solutions that support self-directed and at-the-point-of-requirement learning needs. Along with our open access learning events & resources​, 2021 continues to see us expand our provision of virtual learning to support the new ways of working necessitated by the pandemic​. We encourage learning solutions to extend past just learning events (off-the-job) to on-the-job and near-the-job solutions. 


People Manager Excellence​​

People Manager Excellence - The capability and confidence of our people managers is key to our staff engagement and performance. 

Last year saw the launch of the Manager Essentials Programme​. The programme consists of 6 virtual facilitator led learning modules to develop people managers to fulfill their line management responsibilities.  

​Mentoring support​

​Mentoring support- academic mentoring provides support and direction for those looking at applying for future promotion.  

2021 will see the opening of a matching service where an mentor who has previously been successful in the promotion process, can support and give feedback to colleague about to engage in the promotions applications process for this year or in years to come.  

Coaching skills​

Coaching skills – Coaching is a goal orientated conversational skill that can be applied where: 

  • Internal or external accredited coaches work with leaders to build capability through on-the-job development programmes. 

2021 will see the launch of our coaching framework trial with access to coaches for leaders 

  • People managers and leaders use a coaching approach to have effective development and performance conversation with those that they are responsible for.  

Coaching for line manager will be launched in late 2021/22 

  • ​Any staff member can attend coaching workshops to assist with peer-to-peer coaching, and effective conversations. Building this capacity in all of our staff  contributes to increased inclusiveness, interconnectivity and the collective success of our University.   

A modular virtual facilitator led programme will offer coaching skills to all staff who wish to develop their coaching skills is launched in 2021/22. 

How to contact us:

For additional help and support please browse our internet pages or contact us on staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk ​​​​​​​​