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​What is partnering? 

Along with projects and learning events and resources, L&D partnering is one of the three ways that we support the delivery of the University’s strategic priorities. 

Partnering is where we work collaboratively with our HR Partners and their assigned areas of the University to consider current or future challenges where an L&D interventions would have a positive impact. 

Partnering allows us to provide tailored interventions in support of specific schools, departments and professional service areas and challenges across the University.  Partnering requests can be made in a number of ways; through the relevant HR Partner or the L&D mailbox at staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk

You will have acknowledgement of your request within 2 working days and a decision on the available support in 10 working days. 

When a request is received the L&D team will ask some initial questions to understand more about the requirements and will agree the best way to proceed. Training and development may not be the solution to your challenges, and we may make a recommendation that alternative approaches are considered. We may ask you to complete an assignment brief to help with positioning your business case for support. Your HR Partner is there to help you with this process and you can contact them directly here

At this point a request will not advance if My Contribution and mandatory training are not already complete for your area. 


Requests for L&D support are assessed against a number of criteria including strategic alignment, the anticipated impact and benefits to our staff and the reach of the work. This helps us to prioritise requests.  

Requests which are accepted in the triage process will be fully scoped with the sponsor to ensure that requirements are agreed and clear from the outset. 

If we can’t support a request ourselves we may be able to suggest an external provider. ​​​​​

​​Contact us:

​Please visit this page to identify your HR Partner 

Please email staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk​ for any L&D matters.