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Successful Communication

Explore own preferred styles of communication and explore other styles, develop strategies to help delegates to connect better with others and recognise behaviours and techniques they can use to maximise the impact of their communications in specific situations.

Who should attend?

Line Managers who want to maximise the impact of their day to day communications.


  • Understand their preferred communication style and be aware of how this can impact on others in their team
  • Identify alternative styles and be able to adopt them as appropriate to influence others
  • Recognise the behaviours which can impact the effectiveness of communication and select the most appropriate to the situation

The workshop is designed to be interactive and will allow delegates time to explore the impact of different styles with other participants at the workshop and how they can put this knowledge into practice when they return to work.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Consider their own style and how it may have impacted on their communications in the past
  • Explore alternative styles and have the opportunity to try them out on other delegates who may have a different preferred style
  • Discuss common scenarios, which are specific to Line Managers, where certain behaviours can have a significant effect on the impact of communications
  • Discuss their own specific communication challenges, and create an Action Plan to follow when they return to the workplace
You can book to attend this course completing a search though HR Connect Self Service