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​Building Your Resilience

Change Toolkit for Managers 

This toolkit is designed to help you to manage the process of change which we are all experiencing across the University. Change affects us all in different ways and it can be very different for different people.
Change can present challenges for people and is handled in different ways. Some people can be enthusiastic and accepting of change whilst others can be more resistant. Managed well, it can be healthy for the organisation and the wide variety of people it employs, leading to improved quality, happier and more productive employees, and a resilient organisation that can respond to changing pressures. Managed poorly, it can lead to poor morale, loss in production, and ultimately a decrease in the quality of services. 
To successfully manage change, we have got to examine our own views of change, in the light of our experiences and those of others. This in turn will help us to better understand some of the challenges that other people experience when faced with change and why they resist change for reasons that are sometimes difficult to fathom.
With a good introduction to change management, and some practical tools, people can find themselves looking at change in a different way. This toolkit provides some theory on change and some practical exercises to support you and your team to manage the change process more effectively. It also provides you with some information on how to overcome barriers and resistance to change and tips on what not to do. 

We hope that you will be able to use this toolkit as a resource that will support you during change. If you would like further support in this area or any area of change management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organisational Change Team 

Campbell Smith: Head of Organisational Change    C.Millar@napier.ac.uk     Extension 2899          
Rhona Bain: Organisational Change Partner       R.Bain@napier.ac.uk      Extension 4723

Online learning workshop

Course Title: Building Resilience

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