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My Contribution timelines
For the 2019/20 academic year, the My Contribution timeline is as follows:
My Review:


My Development:

The University is committed to ensuring all colleagues have meaningful and frequent 1:1 conversations with their line mangers around performance goals, and have a development plan in place.
The University will check with your manager at three points throughout the year to make sure these are happening.
The checks for My Review are during New Objective Setting in July 2019 and the End of Year Review in July 2020, as shown in the diagram above.
The Mid-Year Review, due in February 2020, should be a key milestone in your diary to ensure you’re getting feedback on your performance and have the opportunity to discuss your development needs and any support you require.
You should be having continual performance and developmental conversations throughout the year. If you’re not having these, speak to your manager and schedule these in.
The check for My Development/My Career is in April 2020, at the review of your development objectives. These are longer term goals which can run from a few months to five years. You should have set new developmental goals last year and now is the time to review these and make sure they are still relevant to you.
Development objectives should also be discussed at both your Mid-Year and End of Year review meetings, to ensure you’re receiving input and support from your manager. While it’s optional to update HR Connect, it’s expected you’ll record an update on one of these meetings online.
At the end of each meeting, staff, and, where appropriate, managers, should update the relevant parts of HR Connect to ensure that a record is kept of each step. This will help you keep on track of what is expected of you and what you would like to achieve.
There is a general expectation that you are having ongoing conversations with your line manager in-between these meetings. If this is not happening, contact your manager and arrange these meetings.





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