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My Review

During your My Review discussion, you’ll set performance objectives to help you understand what part you’ll play in supporting the University to achieve its goals and ambitions.
My Review has three parts to it:
·     Objective setting, where you are expected to write your SMART objectives over the next academic year, due in July each year

·     Mid-Year review, where you are expected to have a formal review meeting to discuss progress with your line manager, due in February each year

·    End of year review, where you review your performance over the last year and both the staff member and people manger provide a rating for overall performance. Due in July at the end of the academic year
An overall review of ratings and consistency of SMART objectives is conducted by the University Senior Leadership Team every year to ensure this process is working properly.
Your review objectives should be linked to Edinburgh Napier’s values and professional behaviours and Leadership Behaviours and be built around the University annual plan. Your line manager should have shared the departmental plan with you so you can build on these objectives in your work.

What is a SMART objective?

Using SMART to form your objectives will help you complete them successfully and on time.
Specific  providing clarity and being unambiguous about the result you are aiming for (which is often different to what is happening currently), and understanding why this goal is important. Specific is about describing every detail of the change you want to see by mapping out an inspired vision of the future
Measures of success  knowing when you have achieved your goal by specifically articulating your measures of success
Achievable and agreed  objectives should be achievable by being stretching enough to motivate you, but not too difficult to achieve
Relevant and realistic  the objective should align to the University and School/department plans to make it relevant. Realistic is making sure you discuss any reasons with your line manager which might make the objective difficult or unrealistic for you to achieve.
Timed  objectives should have a deadline as, without one, goals have a habit of slipping or being re-prioritised. Set review dates before the final deadline to make sure you’re on track and get any support you need. If objectives span over more than a performance and development year, make sure you capture what elements of the overall objective will be delivered in the current year.​

Examples can be found here:


Prepare for yo​ur meeting

Guidelines for planning your objective setting meeting include:
·   Review the university strategic objectives and your School/department plan that supports their achievement
·   Discuss your aims and suggestions for performance with your line manager
·   Complete the online form ahead of your meeting with your line manager
Guidelines for planning your end of year meeting include:
·   Review the University strategic objectives and your School/department plan that supports their achievement
·   Discuss your aims and suggestions for performance with your line manager
·   Complete the online form ahead of your meeting with your line manager
For additional support, view the Preparing for your My Review Meeting.
Understanding our ratings

There are five ratings and descriptors for ‘What’ and ‘How’.
To view our rating descriptors, consult the My Review Ratings document.
Ratings are given in the following ways:
‘What’ ratings are applicable to each performance objective and overall at the end of year.
‘How’ ratings are applicable only overall at the end of year.
 Overall ratings:
a.    Overall What rating will be based on a median of the individual objective What ratings

b.    Overall How rating reflects how the reviewee has achieved their objectives in line with the University values: Professional, Ambitious, Innovative and Inclusive

c.    Overall rating: is awarded based on Overall What x Overall How which is determined using the matrix below:


For example:
a.       Overall HOW = Exceeding expectations
b.       Overall WHAT= Achieving expectations
c.       Overall rating = Achieving expectations

Using the online form

Please consult the My Review Systems Guide document to learn how to use the My Contribution system for My Review.
Use the My Review Template​ with your line manager to discuss your proposed objectives or any updates in your 1:1 meeting.
Remember, the My Review form is for one performance year. You are expected to set a minimum of three performance objectives per year.





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