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​​I'm a New Manager 

I have joined ENU as a new manager​ 

Managing people is exciting, but also complex and multi-faced journey. For this reason, the Talent & Development Team has created the 'New manager checklist'​ which you will need to complete in addition to the 'New starter checklist'.​​

I have taken on people management responsibilities ​

​​Congratulations on your new role! You might be excited about the additional responsibilities but also wonder where to start from so we'll suggest beginning your journey by enrolling to our ​Management Essentials programme. This will provide you with essential information about your role and responsibilities, ​it will enable you to meet with other managers within ENU, and it will allow you to ask any questions that come to your mind. ​​

Connect with other managers across the University

Join the People Managers community on MS teams– this forum is for people managers working at Edinburgh Napier University to connect and support each other. It is a collaborative space, owned by its members who ​are encouraged to share resources, success stories, asking questions and sharing ideas.

Further support for managers

Once you settle into your new role, there is a wide breadth of helpful information and supporting materials on our Talent & Development pages ​as well as on our self-learning platform 'Discover Learning'. ​​Your line manager will pick this up with you as part of your induction and ongoing MyContribution conversations, bu​t we encourage individuals to own their own development so don’t be afraid to look into all available opportunities and take these ideas to your manager.​

Have your say!​

Please complete the Management Development Survey to tell us more about you and the type of development you would benefit from in your role.​ Pelase do not hesitate to contact us at staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk ​if you have any questions or you would like to share your thoughts with the Talent and Developmen Team. 

​ ​