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This is the list of colleagues across Edinburgh Napier University who have been nominated as individuals or as part of the team for the Partnership Award.​


Human Resources & Development
     Anna Ramsay
     Anne Spence
     Louisa Fraser
     Melissa Cotter
     Shona Fitzpatrick

Information Services   
     Dave Kane
     Dorothy Chapman
     Duncan Leask
     Jim Daly
     Lesley Lucas
     Lyn Gibson
     Mark Pentler
     Natalia McLaren 
     Ruth Johnstone
     Stephen Bruce

     Leo WoodsLeo Woods
     Louise McClure
     Neil Austin
     Thomas Ritchie 

Marketing and External Relations 
     Gary Seath

Principal’s Office   
     Claire Biggar 

Property and Facilities   
     Carola Bottcher 
     Logistics Team
     Mailroom Team  

Research and Innovation Office  
     Annie Ogletree
     Professor Jessie Kennedy
     Morven Fraser
     Wendy Steven

School of Applied Science  
     Dr Alex McIntyre
     Dr Andrew Wooff
     Dr Liz Aston
     Sheena Travis     
     Dr Susan Brown
     Susan Meldrum

School of Arts and Creative Industries 
     Dr Emily Alder
     Kay Sheridan
     Dr Sarah Artt

School of Computing    
     Adrian Smales
     Alison Varey
     Brian Davison
     Dr Gordon Russell
     Katy Thierens
     Dr Neil Urquhart
     Dr Nick Pitropakis
     Dr Peter Barclay
     Dr Petra Leimich
     Richard McFarlane
     Dr Robert Kukla
     Robert Ludwiniak
     Robert Soutar
     Scott Killen

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
     Dr Kenny Leitch
     Professor Mark Deakin     

School of Health and Social Care
     Liz Adamson
     Anne Moylan
     Jackie Johnstone
     Dr Jennifer Murray
     Inga Heyman
     IIni Enang
     Margaret Dowe
     Nadine Dougall
     Natalia McLaren
     Dr Sonya MacVicar
     Professor Tracy Humphrey

School Support Service   
     Julie Dickson
     Kerry Millar
     Lindsay Morgan

Student Futures   
     Claire Bee
     Emily Napier 
     Jo Haddrick
     Sharon Homan-James 

The Business School   
     Maggie Anderson
     Dr Richard Whitecross 

Widening Participation & Community 
    Liz Scott