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Head of Subject


A review of the Subject Group Leader (SGL) role was launched in November 2015, to look at how the role could be better aligned with Strategy 2020 and the Academic Appointments and Promotion Framework, as well as reflecting changes in school structures.

A small project group, led by the Dean of Computing and the Dean of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Care, was set up with the remit to come forward with proposals for implementation in academic year 2016/17.




In April 2016 a consultation to move from SGLs to a new Head of Subject role commenced with staff and the recognised Trade Union for academic staff, EIS. A response to the consultation was published in August 2016.



Since the conclusion of the consultation process schools have been developing their plans to implement the proposals and it is expected that most Heads of Subject will be in place by the end of 2016. Appointments are guided by a set ofOrg design principles for School Leadership Teams 19.07.16.pdfprinciples for School Leadership Teams.


Strategy 2020


In order to grow our academic reputation we need to build our capability to provide strong academic leadership across the University. This is vital to attract, develop and retain the best academics and ensure we can provide the right support for both early career and more established academics.


Academic leadership is at the heart of the Head of Subject role. You can view the duties and responsibilities of Heads of Subject here.