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The “Have you Heard” concept has been developed through the Employee Engagement Action Group. The Engagement Action Group has been running now for a year. Originally it was formed as an action group following our employee Engagement survey results , with the overall purpose of driving ideas that help recognise our employees for the great jobs that they do and therefore increasing employee engagement with the university.  

The Have you Heard concept was designed to provide a way to share staff suggestions and get feedback on things that staff may want to change or launch at the University. Through this concept we can carry out quick polls to get instant feedback which we can use to determine which ideas to take forward.

What we want from you

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback! Have you Heard is very much about staff views and without you it just won’t work. Please take the time to vote when emails/surveys come out as you can have a big influence on making the University a great place to work.

We also need you to tell us what the hot topics are that all staff are talking about. It has to be something that you think affects all staff and not just one area, we won't be able to take forward local issues I'm afraid. So If you have a suggestion on something that would benefit our staff please email Have you Heard and if the suggestion is taken forward and agreed a voting email will be issued.