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All major Covid-19 restrictions, including requirements for physical distancing, ended in August as we moved beyond Level 0. But what are we doing at Edinburgh Napier?

  • We’re sticking with 1m social distancing in learning and teaching areas, common areas and whilst moving around inside campus buildings
  • We've removed one way systems in corridors and staircases. Instead, signs are in place stating ‘please maintain social distance’
  • Toilets, lifts and kitchen areas are opening up, subject to 1m distancing
  • Face coverings - see the separate article below
  • You no longer need to check-in at each campus using a QR code
  • Perspex screens will remain at iPoints, cafés etc
  • Everyone should continue to follow the Scottish Government’s guidance on good hygiene principles

The latest on wearing face coverings

It's a requirement to wear a face covering in all indoor areas. This is only removed when an exemption applies, such as:

  • Where we’ve actively put in place measures to ensure people are either separated by a partition or a distance of at least one metre - with the exception of libraries
  • When people are seated in a hospitality setting and are eating or drinking
  • When individuals have a physical or mental health condition which means they are unable to wear a face covering and are exempt

Students can remove face coverings when in classrooms but they must be worn, even when seated and regardless of distance, in libraries.   

Some lab situations will be different and will be dictated by local risk assessments. For example, some will have extra PPE such as nurses in clinical skills settings. 

Welcome back on campus!​

Our campuses are open and we’re doing everything we can to make you feel safe and welcome. 

Details of the University's phased approach for the return of all colleagues to campus life can be found here​

Many colleagues are returning to work on campus on a regular basis and we’ve developed the following guidance and FAQs to help you do so:  

Is your teaching space not shipshape?

This is just a quick reminder that furniture in teaching spaces has been set up for one metre social distancing and should not be moved under any circumstances.


If the furniture in your teaching space is not the way you expected it, please put it back so one metre distancing is in place and then report it to the Facilities Service Desk on 0131 455 5000 or via facilitiesservicedesk@napier.ac.uk.

More rooms available on resource Booker

Resource Booker can be used to book PCs, classrooms, IT equipment, library group study rooms and more. The restriction that made it impossible for to book a room more than five days in advance has been removed for staff, but remains in place for students.

We’re now adding all the meeting rooms previously managed by the Facilities Service Desk to Resource Booker, as soon as their capacities are confirmed. This is the first in a series of steps to address requests for more meeting room availability, after which the focus will turn to spaces for postgraduate students, research upgrades and desks for new starts and office changes.


Stay up to date on campus works

Our Information Services colleagues have created a site on the staff intranet that details the status of standard teaching classrooms across campus, noting where rooms are not quite ready and where contingencies are in place. We’ll use this going forward to provide updates as any outstanding works are completed.

Catching up with colleagues on campus

Staff looking to meet up with their colleagues on campus over the coming weeks and months may wish to book rooms for hybrid meetings attended by those on campus and online. While a limited number of our rooms do support this approach, most do not. We’re currently focusing on upgrading and configuring learning and teaching spaces, so it will take time to put all meeting rooms on to Resource Booker and develop a more user-friendly approach to highlighting what the setup is in each room. Please bear with us as we make these changes.


The number of colleagues who can meet on campus is consistent with the caps in place for our learning and teaching spaces – 30 maximum, with up to 50 by exception. This will be kept under review and there may be further exceptions with enhanced risk assessment and in line with wider changes.

Events can also now be held on campus for up to 30 people – or 50 by request – but availability of space is very limited.

You no longer need to book a PC in the main part of our libraries or the JKCC via Resource Booker. Group study rooms must still be booked in advance, while timetabled spaces such as labs and classrooms can be booked in part or as a whole when not in use. There are now no restrictions on how far ahead you can book these

If you’re coming on to campus and work in a shared office space, review the shared office guidance here.


For more ​information on bringing visitors onto campus, click here​.

While some colleagues are returning to campus, many will continue to work from home for another few months, on a full or partial basis. Updated guidance on working from home can be found here, while managers can continue to support their teams in doing so with the help of this guidance. Both documents were updated on 1 July.

LFD test collection

While Covid vaccinations and testing are not compulsory, we strongly recommend these to staff and students. We continue to highlight the importance of getting vaccinated and being tested to students while making it as easy as possible for them to do so. Staff should also test themselves regularly to lead by example and help reduce asymptomatic transmission.

Lateral flow test kits for asymptomatic testing are now available for colleagues and students at all campus iPoints, as well as at our student accommodation.


You can also obtain lateral flow kits from community pharmacies and by ordering online.


Remember, lateral flow kits are used to test those who are asymptomatic. If you feel unwell, please don’t come onto campus and, if you have Covid symptoms, book a PCR test. You’ll find full details of the process, how to book a test, and where the testing sites are situated, here.​

Staff car parking

You now need a permit to park at all three campuses, although this will remain free of charge until Trimester 2. All users must have had a permanent permit prior to the pandemic – all temporary permits issued during the past 18 months have been revoked. If you're unsure as to what type of parking permit you have, contact car.parking@napier.ac.uk. 

UKPC monitor campus car parks and surrounding areas. If a user does not have a valid permit, then UKPC will address this in the usual way.​

Update - 4 October

Following a review of car parking capacity across all campuses, we are now offering temporary parking permits to colleagues currently on the waiting list. These permits will remain free of charge until January 2022.


Our Property & Facilities team will be in touch with staff currently on the waiting list to progress their permits where applicable. 


We’ll review numbers again in January to see whether more permits can be offered and whether these temporary permits can be extended or made permanent.


We’re also offering a limited number of temporary permits for students at our Sighthill and Craiglockhart campuses on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you have any questions, please contact car.parking@napier.ac.uk

Exciting changes to catering services​

To coincide with the return to campus life, Property & Facilities have announced longer opening hours, a new menu, the launch of a vegan cafe, and the return of walk-up catering services. Get all the details here​.

Shower and changing facilities reopen at ENGAGE

Our showering and changing facilities at ENGAGE Fitness at our Sighthill Campus are now open for use by colleagues, students and visitors. 


To maintain safe numbers, there will be a limit of four people using any one changing room at a time. We’ve also put enhanced cleaning measures in place and the changing rooms will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by staff.


If you’re using the facilities:

  • Don’t leave personal belongings in the changing rooms - use the lockers provided
  • Please maintain one metre social distance in these areas
  • Use the hand sanitising stations and wipes to clean touchpoints once you've used them
  • Face coverings should be worn at all times when moving around the building, but may be removed inside the changing room where one metre distancing is in place

For more information visit the Return to Fitness site or ask a member of the ENGAGE team for assistance.

Right to Work checks

The University undertakes Right to Work checks to ensure everyone working for Edinburgh Napier has the appropriate right to work in the UK before beginning employment, in line with government rules.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Home Office implemented a temporary measure to allow employers to check all Right to Work documents remotely and rely on scanned copies of documents. While this measure was due to end on 31 August, it will now continue until 5 April 2022.


Further details on the Right to Work check process and how to book one can be found here.

Student accommodation for 2021/22

Our Student Accommodation Team have produced a newsletter to ensure all colleagues have access to the latest information about student accommodation. If you or your students have a question about student accommodation for the 2021/22 academic year, you’ll find the answer here.

Autumn graduation celebrations

We’re delighted to announce we’re aiming to return to in-person ceremonies for our autumn graduation celebrations. Three ceremonies are planned over Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 October at the Usher Hall. Get all the latest on this here.​ 

Any questions?

Any questions you may have on Returning to Campus Life can be submitted to staffcommunications@napier.ac.uk.