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There are various types of leave available. You can get full information on these by clicking on the appropriate tab on the left.


Annual Leave

The amount of paid annual leave and the number of fixed leave days you are entitled to is dependent upon your employee group and length of service. To view your entitlement for the current leave year, please login to HR Connect.  


Disability Leave

Disability leave is paid time away from work for disabled employees (or employees who are the main carer for something with a disability) who need treatment, rehabilitation or assessment related to their disability.   


Family Friendly Leave

Family leave aims to support colleagues in achieving a healthy work/life balance, recognising that many staff will have, or about to have, family responsibilities.


Leave in Special Circumstances

There are a range of circumstances when you may need to take time away from work, with or without pay, including compassionate leave, jury duty or reservist leave.