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Payroll Information

Staff are paid on the last Thursday of every month, except December when the pay date is earlier. 


Please ensure that any information which will affect staff pay is received by HR by the deadlines below. This includes: 

  • Mileage Claim Forms 
  • New staff details
  • Notification of staff leaving the University

Any requests received after these dates will be paid the following month. Unfortunately we are unable to issue cheques for payment.


Note for Academic Staff: If you have Zero Hour lecturing or other claim forms which require authorisation, these must be submitted to the School/ Service offices by the 5th of each month to ensure they reach us on time.


Cut Off Dates


Cut-off dates for all

payments paid in arrears*

​Cut-off date for receipt of

any other input

Pay Day

Dec 2018

Jan 2019

Feb 2019

Mar 2019

Apr 2019

May 2019

Jun 2019

Jul 2019

Thu 6th

Thu 10th

Thu 7th

Thu 7th

Tue 9th

Tue 7th

Fri 7th

Tue 9th

Fri 7th

Thu 10th

Thu 14th

Thu 14th

Thu 11th

Thu 16th

Thu 13th

Thu 11th

Wed 19th

Thu 24th

Thu 28th

Thu 28th

Thu 25th

Thu 30th

Thu 27th

Thu 25th


* The following payments are paid one month in arrears and only claims received for the preceding month will be processed and paid:  

  • Mileage
  • Overtime
  • Demonstrators
  • Lecturers on Zero Hours/Guaranteed Hours/PHD Student Experience 
  • External Examiners
  • Invigilators
  • Fees
  • Hourly paid staff (paid by time-sheet)
  • Project disbursement payments
  • Stand By & Call Out payments
  • Excess Travel

For audit reasons we are unable to make these payments in advance.


Understanding Your Payslip

Further details in understanding your payslip can be found here.