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Digital Strategy & Investment Committee

What is the DSIC and why is it so important?
Every year the university sets a budget aside for the development, implementation and sustainability of all university-wide (academic & business) information systems (IT).
Information systems include all the universities technology based applications and functions.
Such as our:
6HR Connect.jpg 


Various websites:                Virtual Learning             Business Systems:
Intranet                              Environment                Connect (HR)
External Website                (Moodle)                       Agresso (Finance)
Student Portal                                                        SITS (Student Records)

To name but a few…
The committee also approves spend on new and emerging technology which will enhance and improve the learning and working experience of students and staff throughout the university.
Recent and current developments include our:
Wi-Fi -
increased coverage across campuses through Eduroam
Virtual Desktop Service – allowing staff & students to access their university desktop anywhere and on any device (almost).

Digital signage   - guiding visitors, staff and students around campus and centrally managing public displays across the campuses




Huge amounts of time and work goes into the development, maintenance and sustainability of our ever increasing information systems.   
Much of the effort involved with this work goes on, often unseen, behind the scenes -  which is to the credit of our incredible IT experts who are dedicated to ensuring our IT systems and infrastructure is at the cutting edge.

As we look to what the future has in store for learning and research within the HE sector, one thing this is for sure, the use of technology will increase and continue to enhance and enable high quality learning, research and business environments.
The work of this committee is integral to ensuring that Edinburgh Napier University continues to remains ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and its impact on learning, research and the student and staff experience.





The DSIC consists of 15 members as follows:



  • The University Secretary (Convenor)
  • The Vice-Principals (3 max)
  • The Director of Information Services
  • Directors of other professional services, or nominees (3 max – appointed for up to 3 years by the Convenor & VPs)
  • One representative from each School (3 max – appointed for up to 3 years, nominated by the Deans)
  • Academic Advisor with responsibility for the VLE
  • Convenor of the Systems Managers Group 
  • A maximum of two additional members may be co-opted (appointed by the committee annually, if required.)



 Further information about the Sub-Committees of the University Leadership Team