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With the new academic year now here, I would like to update you on the important work of the Information Services Advisors (ISAs) who you can speak to for help, support and assistance in preparation for session 2015/16.


What do the ISAs do?


ISAs are the main Library contact with academic staff and students.  By working closely with academic staff they gain an understanding of the range of courses and the ways in which Library resources can contribute to our students learning. They can support in a number of ways, including:


  • Offering advice on the best format of materials and the range of resources available.
  • Partner with academic staff to develop digital literacies within academic modules – for example, by creating multimedia learning objects, or links to EN:Compass (our Digital Literacies tool), and then creating quizzes and diagnostics to test learning. This can be effective when setting a piece of coursework for students.
  • Ensuring subject specific information is available for students 24/7 via their online subject guides: LibGuides. The LibGuides provide links to electronic resources and databases, they also enable students to find information on referencing, study skills and general guidance on making the most of the Libraries.
  • With the increasing emphasis on research the ISAs are available to advise on resources, the Research Repository, open access, copyright and the general research support available from Information Services.
  • Working with teaching teams to help students make more effective use of resources through workshops and sessions aimed at helping them identify, locate, critically use materials and compile bibliographies adding considerably to the student’s learning experience.
  • One-to-one meetings with students starting their dissertations. Students are given advice on the best approach to start their literature searches and maintain good records throughout.


The ISAs have a thorough knowledge of the stock of the Library and know where else to access resources, so talking to them early in the development of new modules can ensure that adequate resources will be available for everyone.


What Information do the ISAs need?

Merchiston LibraryAcademic staff should contact their ISA now with details of reading lists and requirements for User Education sessions for the start of next academic year.


If you can tell us in advance when assignments are due or what topics are to be studied ISAs can try to ensure that students have the best opportunity to access the resources they need.


The earlier you contact us, the more help we can provide!  Please see below for contact details.


Who is your ISA?

The Information Services Advisors are:

Laura Ennis:          School of Life, Sport & Social Science

Sheena Moffat:      School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care
                            Education (of interest to ASPEN)

Keith Walker:        Business School

Jane Haigh:           School of Engineering & the Built Environment 
                            School of Computing

Marian Kirton:        School of Arts & the Creative Industries


Additional contact information can be found on the My Librarian staff intranet page.


Where can I find more information?

More information is available on the staff intranet pages or on the Library Moodle pages.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


Kind regards




David Telford
Information Services
Craiglockhart 3/62  


T. 0131 455 4202
E. d.telford@napier.ac.uk
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