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​Supporting and Leading Educational Change

Fellowship of Staff Educational Development Association

In October 2016, Ruth Johnstone, Learning Technologist, started a 12 week online course: Supporting and Leading Educational Change delivered through a Moodle platform.


The course is one of the professional development courses delivered by the Staff educational development association SEDA.


Candidates are required to build a portfolio of work while progressing through the course which evidence that practice incorporates SEDA professional values.


Fellowship of SEDA (FSEDA) is suitable for those involved in mainstream academic development who lead and contribute to significant change initiatives. This might include faculty or department bases, learning and teaching development roles or people in other professional development roles in tertiary and higher education. It can include people in similar roles in other organisations where the education and training of adults takes place.


While the course is focused upon supporting and leading educational change successful completion automatically leads to the award of Fellowship of SEDA an approach similar to achieving Fellowship of HEA.


The course is quite intensive in its workload however Ruth successfully achieved Fellowship of SEDA in February 2017.