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​Information Services Assist with Music Technologies Christmas Lecture

At the end of 2015 the University took part in a Christmas Lecture in collaboration with Solareye, Scruff Lee and Samson of Stanley Odd, AES (Audio Engineering Society) Scotland and BBC Scotland.

The free event called 'You're Not Supposed To Do That!' saw Solareye and others take a light-hearted look at music technologies and how people have used them in ways that no one originally expected. They looked at things including tape delay, auto-tune, turntablism/scratching, circuit-bending and other effects.
Over the course of the hour, various elements were recorded live and a complete song was made out of the recordings, which is available to download from SoundCloud now.
As well as members of Stanley Odd, the performance and demonstrations featured Becca Shearing and Bryan Jones.


Information Services were critical to ensure the IT infrastructure was in place to ensure the smooth live streaming of the event.  Information Service also enabled the LoLa connection between campuses which saw musicians on different campuses playing a piece of music in time with one another due to low latency (LoLa) technology.

If you missed it, you can check out the full lecture on our Youtube page.


5th January 2016