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​Panopto Classroom Recording


The University is currently trailing a classroom recording service using the Panopto platform which allows for the simultaneous capture of audio, video, and desktop applications such as PowerPoint. The existing Camtasia Relay service is still available to all staff as a 'light' recording service, with Panopto providing a wider range of functions suited to a full classroom recording service.


About the trial service

Many universities have a fully automated classroom recording service which is a significant investment for an institution. We have licenced Panopto for one year to evaluate the impact on the student and staff experience in order to make evidence based recommendations to the University. An important deliverable from the project will be a set of policy and good practice documents that clarifies the University's regulatory position.

The trial is open for any academic to participate whether they have used a classroom recordings before or wish to try for the first time. Participation means contributing to the evaluation, and acknowledging that videos stored on the Panopto server may need to be exported to our online video server should the University decide against using Panopto after the trial period.

Videos created with Panopto are primarily intended for current students and are accessed through a Moodle plugin. If you are intending to make videos more widely than your Moodle module then use the existing Camtasia Relay service which is linked to the online video server.


Where can I use Panopto?

The Panopto recording application will be available on all staff computers and teaching computers from the network applications, and can be downloaded to staff owned computers from a block in any Moodle course.

The classrooms and lecture theatres listed below are undergoing a refit of lecterns, data projectors, document cameras, as well as fixed cameras and microphones required for recording purposes. The refit is taking place on a rolling basis with classrooms becoming ready during trimester 1.

There will also be portable recording kits available to book at the Library Helpdesks so that Panopto can be used in any classroom, and therefore the trial is available to all academic staff. Portable kits consist of a webcam & tripod, and a choice of a wireless or boundary microphone which connect to the teaching computer USB ports.

Rooms planned for the refit:

  • Craiglockhart classrooms 1/06, 1/10, 2/06, 2/10, 3/11, and Lindsay Stewart and Riady lecture theatres
  • Merchiston classrooms F10, F11, F12, G2, H5
  • Sighthill classrooms: 2.D.04, 2.D.05, 2.D.14, 3.D.04, 3.D.15 and lecture theatres 1.D.02, 1.D.04/05.

What are the benefits of Panopto?

Please visit the Panopto page on the Learning Technology Hub for details about the benefits of classroom recordings, and for all the support information.