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IT Equipment Provision Project



Since the global pandemic resulted in home working in March 2019, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in demand for IT equipment.  This, coupled with global supply chain issues has caused frustration to us all.

The IT Equipment Provision Project has been put in place to:
  • Reduce the time taken to fulfil IT equipment orders
  • Standardise the order fulfilment process across the University
  • Reduce support calls chasing equipment
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Improve recovery of University assets.

What has been done so far

The Senior Management Team has been working on an End User Device policy to clarify what can be ordered as standard and the exceptional circumstances where non-standard equipment would be appropriate.

Our first step has been to reduce the backlog of orders and, whilst we still have a very high number of orders to fulfil, we have reduced the number of open calls over the past few months from over 300 to just over 100, processing between 50 and 100 orders weekly.  

One of our main issues has been the inability to provide a central collection point at Merchiston which we realise is frustrating for those of you who are being asked to travel to either Sighthill or Craiglockhart to pick up equipment.  We are currently working on providing a solution to this and hope to have a collection point in place by the end of the month.

Our processes are being modified as we see opportunity to improve the service we offer:
  • We’ve removed the need to book an appointment through LibCal to arrange collection.  We now phone you or email you to advise that your device is ready for collection.
  • We’ve increased the times available for equipment collection so you can collect between 9.30am - 12noon noon and 2pm - 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • We’re trying, where possible, to batch kit so you can collect all your ordered devices in one trip.  This is not always possible if the equipment is not readily available on your preferred campus.

Further changes coming soon

It is the aim of the project that with our backlog reduced to manageable levels and the global supply chain issues resolved, we will have stock of standard IT equipment that can be ordered and collected within 1-2 days.

We are developing other enhancements to our processes, many in conjunction with the Starters, Leavers and Movers Project and over the coming months, we will deliver the following changes to the way we work:
  • A standard process with collection points on all 3 campuses 
  • A shorter SLA for order fulfilment of standard equipment
  • The ability to order a New Starter pack with standard equipment on 1 order form, collected as a bundle
  • A new streamlined process for ordering IT equipment for Research
  • An enhanced process for ordering non-standard IT equipment
  • A standard process for returning IT equipment.

How you can help

Until we reduce the backlog to a manageable size, we ask you to please be patient but there are a few things that you can do to ensure the process runs smoothly:
  • One device per form.   We know this is a nuisance if you are ordering several devices but, currently, the only way we can manage orders effectively is by having one device on one form. 
  • Pick up your order as soon as possible after you’ve received notification.  We have limited storage space and, currently, we have over 170 orders at “Awaiting Collection”.
  • Try to minimise the number of people involved in ordering IT equipment.  This reduces confusion and potentially additional time. 
  • For non-standard equipment, document what you need the equipment for to allow us to then match to the most appropriate device. 
  • Have consideration for your colleagues when ordering for home and office.  If possible, move small items between the two.

Further information

Keep an eye on this page for further updates and FAQs.

You will find guidance on ordering equipment on the Request IT Equipment page

If you have equipment to return you'll find information on how to do this on the Return IT Equipment page