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​Lecture Theatre & Classroom AV Refurbishments

Adjustable Teaching DeskInformation Services (IS) are leading a project to replace the Audio Visual (AV) facilities in a number of Learning spaces across the University. 

These technology refurbishments will not only bring the Learning spaces up-to-date but will support current and future teaching practices

A standardised approach has been adopted as far as possible, primarily to ensure a consistent and familiar user experience across all teaching spaces; for example the classrooms will feature simple button panel control systems while lecture theatres of all sizes will have touch panel controllers, all to the same design.

The equipment being installed has been selected to improve both quality – from faster start-up times to brighter, higher resolution projected images and clearer full-range audio – and reliability, so that downtime and disruption is minimised. 

Equipment RackThe majority of the equipment will also reside on the University network allowing our Audio Visual & Learning Spaces (AV&LS) team to monitor and remotely support these rooms to a much higher degree than previously. 

As well as updating the facilities, we’re also providing some new options to increase student participation.  The 5 main lecture theatres will have the ability to stream live video and audio into other spaces to allow for larger class sizes than room capacity allows; users will also be able to record these streams onto their own USB media.  They will also feature Catchbox throwable microphones, a fantastic way to increase student engagement!

All of the Learning spaces will feature cameras and microphones to allow high-quality video and audio to be captured by the classroom recording pilot software.  We’re also extending our provision of Kramer VIA collaboration devices that allow users to connect from their own device via eduroam and cast their display, share and annotate files, view the main display on their own device etc. to all of these spaces.

Teaching DeskFrom an aesthetic standpoint we’re making use of the University’s branding with striking graphics being applied to all of the new teaching desks; with the increased visibility of our Learning spaces through the growth in technologies such as classroom recording and live streaming this was a key consideration.

We hope you like them as much as we do!

While the intention was to carry out these refurbishments over the summer period of 2018 we were unable to secure the necessary funding in time, so we are now implementing these upgrades during term time.  Inevitably, this will lead to some disruption however, we are working hard to minimise this wherever possible and appreciate your understanding in this regard.

To date room 3D14 at Sighthill has been refurbished; next will be the three Sighthill lecture theatres (1D02, 1D04 & 1D05), with the Lyndsey Stewart and Riady lecture theatres at Craiglockhart following in December. 

The Learning spaces selected for refurbishment were chosen following feedback from academic and support staff as to which rooms were the most frustrating or had the highest number of issues.  In total we will replace the AV equipment in the following Learning spaces:


​Sighthill ​Craiglockhart ​Merchiston
​1D02   1/17 (Riady)​ ​F10
​1D04  2/17 (Lyndsey Stewart)​ ​F11
1D05 ​ 1/06​ F12​
2D04​ 1/10​ G2​
2D05​ ​2/06 ​H5
2D14​ 2/10​
3D04​ 3/11​


Information Services apologise for any inconvenience caused by this exciting piece of work, and look forward to updating you as the project progresses.


If you would like any further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.