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Key Deliverables


The myTimetable project will deliver individual student timetables for the 2017/18 academic year. Individual timetables will be personal to each student, linked to their module enrolments and accessible via standard electronic devices.


The deliverables required to implement individual timetables include technical, process, and policy deliverables:



Successfully implement Scientia Connect

  • Scientia Connect is the software integration platform that will allow us to transfer data from other systems into Syllabus Plus – our timetabling software. We are using Connect to help us transfer module and student data from SITS, as well as staff information from HR Connect and space information from Planon.


Integrate individual student timetables with Campus M 

  • Campus M is a mobile application that gives students access to University services such as Moodle, email, library services and timetables. We will be looking to publish individual student timetables through Campus M.



Establish a consistent process for gathering timetable data 

  • The timetable data is gathered from academic staff and is the module teaching requirements such as number of activities needed to deliver a module, duration, room type etc. It is also the staff availability information indicating when staff are unavailable to teach during teaching hours.


Establish a process for publishing individual student timetables 

  • Individual timetables can be published once a student is enrolled on their modules. We will be looking to publish individual timetables through Campus M.


Establish a process for notifying students of timetable changes 

  • Efficient notifications will go directly to the student once an activity has changed.


Establish an exceptions policy to the automatic student allocation process 

  • Students will be automatically allocated to activities such as lectures, tutorials, workshops etc. Where the automatic allocation process is not appropriate this will be covered by an exceptions policy.


Establish a policy for managing changes to the timetable after its published 

  • The policy needs to enable and support appropriate changes while reducing the amount of unnecessary change to timetables after they’re published.