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Here you will find fortnightly progress updates and other project news so you can keep up-to-date with what's happening on the myTimetable Project. If you have any questions please contact the project on mytimetableproject@napier.ac.uk


1. myTimetable Teaching Weeks

myTimetable Teaching Weeks

The myTimetable project team have been asked why the teaching weeks in the timetable for Trimester 2 start in week 19. This change is to support the long-term myTimetable project aim of delivering a full annualised timetable for students. This would improve student experience by providing the student with their full year teaching diary prior to the start of trimester 1.
As part of delivering the individual timetable in the first phase of the project some preparatory work for an annualise timetable has been undertaken. The timetable system now uses a full calendar year database. The limitation of a full year database is that the weeks must be number consecutively and not repeat.  
The student regulations state that
“The University year or session is divided into three periods, each of 15 weeks duration, designated trimesters. The Academic Board approves specific dates annually.”
This approach does not conflict with this, it simply means that the week numbers within each trimester are not repeated. This approach works well in other universities.
A student starting in September starts in Trimester 1 week 1 and a student starting in January starts in Trimester 2 week 19 for the academic year 2017/18. The trimester number increments as in previous years and now the week numbers do not reset either. This change only applies to the timetable system and timetable publication. Week numbers for each trimester in 2017/18 are:
·         Trimester 1: Weeks 1 – 15
·         Trimester 2: Weeks 19 -35 (Easter vacation is week 30 and 31)
·         Trimester 3: Weeks 37 - 51
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