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​Syllabus Plus (S+)


Syllabus Plus, or S+, is the system we use for timetabling. Using data input by SS&PI and the School Support Service, S+ schedules student sets, rooms, staff and modules for the publication of timetables online.

SS&PI are responsible for:

  • Managing the relationship with Scientia (the S+ software provider)
  • Working with colleagues in IS to keep the system updated
  • Providing training and technical support to S+ users

More information on timetabling can be found on our Timetabling page. ​


How do I get access to S+?


If you require access to S+ please submit a self service request here for:

S3 Campus Groups​

S3 Student Administration​


S+ Bulletin Board


The Syllabus Plus bulletin board ​is where important announcements for S+ users are published. The type of announcements published include:

  • Scheduling progress
  • Timetabling deadlines
  • System availability
  • Trouble shooting
  • Training information
  • Room audit results


If you are a user of S+ you should sign up for bulletin board alerts on the SharePoint site. This will ensure you don't miss any important information sent by SS&PI.


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