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​eStudent Records


eStudent Records (also known as e:Vision) is a web based version of SITS used by both staff and students. 


eStudent Records presents the same information as is held in SITS, just in a different format.  Its used by staff to log help calls with the SS&PI team, generate new module offerings via the module descriptor, and transfer students from one programme to another.


Students can use eStudent Records to see their online personal record including the contact information we hold for them, fee information, module enrolments, and exam results. Students can also generate and print coursework receipts, view when their notification of attendance was sent to SLC, and in some cases select their optional module choices.




How do I get access? / How do I change my access permissions?


If you already have access to SITS you'll be able to access eStudent Records using the same log in details. If you log in and see the error message "no active containers" submit a UniDesk Self Service call here​, so we can add the right content for you.


If you require access to SITS, please follow the process on our SITS page.


If you already have access to eStudent Records and need to change your permissions such as gaining access to a new function, please log in to eStudent Records and log a call with our Student Systems Helpdesk.  


How do I request a development or additional functionality to eStudent Records?


If you would like to request a development or additional functionality to SITS or eStudent Records/e:Vision, you can log a Work Package request on UniDesk Self Service​. We will review the request and contact you to discuss feasibility and timescales.