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The Global Mobility team also have responsibility for the incoming and outgoing students to and from our exchange partners in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and the USA​.



If you receive an enquiry from a non-EU visiting student then please forward this to the team who will liaise directly with the student concerning the application process.


Further information on the application process for these students can be found here  

Incoming  students do not articulate onto a named degree programme and instead select modules form across the University using the module catalogue. The Global Mobility team therefore rely on this information being up-to-date and an accurate reflection of module availability at the University.

As with European applications, the team receive and log all non-EU incoming exchange applications to the University.  They are the key point of contact for both student, ISEP (a US-based exchanges agency)​ and partner institutions for all post-application queries and deliver the initial induction to these students during Week 1. 


NB:  Please note that incoming students from the US and Canada refer to themselves as Study Abroad students.  Some of these students will be students on a reciprocal exchange and others will be fee-paying students.


The team can therefore be contacted for help with the following:


• Queries from non-EU visiting students interested in spending a semester or longer at Edinburgh Napier University.



Edinburgh Napier University has direct partner exchange links with other institutions in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and the USA, and also works with the ISEP programme.  Details of where these links are and for what subject areas can be found on our parther institution list.


NB:  In order to maintain a coordinated and well-managed relationship with our partner institutions, the recruitment of new partners should ALWAYS be researched, set up and approved by Global Mobility Team (studyabroad@napier.ac.uk​), who will work with schools and academic staff to ensure that the necessary processes and paperwork are completed before new partners are added to our existing list of contacts.


Promoting exchange opportunities

The Global Mobility team run a series of sessions where they promote the opportunities to study in Europe or the US & Canada to interested students.  Dates and times of these 'Information Sessions' are published on the Student Portal and will be available here shortly.


The team can also come along to present during Week 1 or at other times throughout the academic year.  Contact Global Mobility team to arrange a suitable date.


Advising interested students

All enquiries from students interested in a non-EU exchange should be directed to the Global Mobility team.

No student is permitted to undertake a trimester or year abroad unless they have the approval of their Programme Leader and it is therefore imperative that the Programme Leader signs the student's initial application form available here


Programme Leaders should be aware that a study period abroad may not be for everyone and increasingly we are seeing students return from their host institution having failed modules.  This leaves the students in an incredibly difficult position and reflects badly on us at Edinburgh Napier University.  We would therefore ask that Programme Leaders take the time to assess a student's suitability for participating in a Study Abroad exchange programme and are encouraged to use the following criteria as a checklist:


•  Academic performance of student
•  Academic outcome of the exchange
•  Course compatibility
•  Personal outcome for student esp. if academic performance is 'rocky'
•  Student's reasons for going on exchange
•  Has student thought this through?
•  Implications if student does not pass all modules?
•  Finances- a study abroad exchange is an expensive option.  Does the student have the necessary funds to be able to

   study abroad?
•  Has the student discussed their intention with family, friends, previous exchange students
•  Student is to be an ambassador for Edinburgh Napier


Prior to Exchange period

One of the most crucial documents that a student must complete when on exchange is the Ov​erseas Learning Agreement which the Global Mobility team will issue to them.   This is where students list the modules they plan on taking when studying abroad so it is critical that Programme Leaders input into this and state their approval by signing the form. Many students cannot confirm their module selection until they arrive at their host institution but Programme Leaders are strongly encouraged to speak to students prior to their departure to ensure students are aware of the expectations on them and know what sort of modules they are encouraged to study. 


The Global Mobility team will offer all outgoing students a 'Pre-departure Session' and this is another opportunity for students to ask any questions prior to the end of the semester.


When on exchange, the Global Mobility team are in contact with students to ensure that everything is going well and to check that the relevant paperwork is completed.  Programme Leaders are also encouraged to maintain contact with students via email during their exchange to check on their progress.

After the exchange period

Once the exchange period is complete, the transcripts of Edinburgh Napier students will be returned directly to the Global Mobility team who will forward these on to the member of staff with responsibility for credit transfer for returning students.  Please contact the Global Mobility​ team for information on who has this responsibility within your School.

NB:  Please note that semester dates are often different in the US & Canada so there is a strong chance that you will not receive the transcript from an outgoing exchange student in time for the first round of Edinburgh Napier Programme Boards.  Please be assured that as soon as the transcripts arrive at the University, they are forwarded to relevant academic staff.


With regards to outgoing students to our non-EU partners, please contact the team for:


•  Promotional materials or to arrange a 'Study Abroad' presentation
•  Advice on potential study destinations and the differing application processes and deadlines
•  Details of the 'Pre-departure Session' offered to students
•  Help in chasing the transcripts of a returning student​​