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​Accessibility and Inclusion

Our library policy on services to users with additional needs and disabilities and the Disability and inclusion​ webpages provide more information on the support available to you.

Access to the physical library
Detailed information about access to our three campus libraries and the specialised services provided are listed in the AccessAble​ website.

Who to contact
All library staff are happy to help with our services and there are people at each campus with specific responsibility for assisting with any special requirements you may have. You can help by giving us advance notice of your requirements, please contact us by email: library@napier.ac.uk. Due to the range of demands on library staff it will not always be possible to provide additional assistance immediately, but we will respond as soon as we can.

To get maximum support tailored to your own individual needs it is recommended that you contact the University's Disability and Inclusion Team who can create a support profile for you. This will be sent to the Library for implementation.

Services available

Additional services available include: 

  • ​Requests / available items pick-up - to help with mobility issues or difficulty reading / understanding library layouts and shelf-marks.​​
  • Texts can be provided in electronic format.
  • A designated friend / family member, with written permission, can act on your behalf. 


Specialist software is provided on the University computer network and Library users with dyslexia will find these particularly helpful. To arrange training in the use of specialist software, contact the Disability and Inclusion team.   


Working with students

Advice for staff working with students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties or health conditions can be found on the Disability and Inclusion pages.