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​​Information Services Advisor Services

One-to-one introduction

Information Services Advisors (or subject librarians) work with academic staff to support teaching, learning and research in the university.

Reading lists/New resources

Information Services Advisors will work with you to ensure the resources you and your students need are available in the library.

  • Please send your reading lists to your Information Services Advisor well before the beginning of each trimester. Include an estimate of number of students you expect to be taking the module, and whether items listed are essential or background reading.
  • Be aware that it can take up to twelve weeks for physical books to arrive in the library.
  • If you are developing a new course, discuss requirements with your Information Services Advisor as soon as possible.

To suggest new book or journal purchases, contact your Information Services Advisor.

User education for students

Information Services Advisors work with you to identify and address the information needs of your students.

  • Contact your Information Services Advisor to arrange in-class sessions for students tailored to the needs of the course.

  • User education can include a basic introduction to LibrarySearch or specific databases and development of digital literacy skills.​

Subject Guides

Information Services Advisors provide guides for finding information and resources for each of their subjects.

See LibGuides​.