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​Strategy 2020 and Strategic Change


The successful delivery of Strategy 2020 requires a combination of cultural change and the delivery of new and improved capabilities in diverse areas such as IT systems, policies and practices, buildings and process improvements. These changes in capability are primarily delivered through a series of activities and projects, and in order to maximise the chances of successful delivery a new portfolio governance structure was approved by the University Leadership Team (ULT).


Strategic Change Portfolio


The strategic change portfolio comprises all strategic change being undertaken across the organisation, be that through change projects/programmes or corporate plan activities. As part of the implementation of the new structure, the ULT now has direct responsibility for overseeing the full portfolio in place of the Strategic Change Board (SCB).


Strategic Change Programmes


There are six change programmes within the portfolio, with four of these directly aligned to the four strategic objectives in Strategy 2020 and the other two (Business Improvement and Estate) as cross-cutting enablers of all the strategic objectives. Each programme is sponsored by a member of ULT or SLG. The aim of each programme is to ensure that the change is sufficient to achieve the strategic objective and to provide optimal coordination of a group of related projects. Overall, this can best be described as ensuring that we are ‘doing the right things’ and ‘doing things right’.


Strategic Projects


Each strategic project sits within the relevant change programme based on the main strategic objective it will help deliver, recognising that some projects contribute to multiple objectives. Some of the more complex projects have a Project Board in order to provide direct oversight, whilst others report directly to the Programme Board. Regardless of the governance set-up, the focus is on driving the project forward efficiently and effectively, and having a route for escalation of issues.


Further information will be available in due course, but in the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Brent Hurley.