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Public Engagement

Public engagement is about sharing our work with wider society to grow mutually beneficial relationships


Public engagement can take many forms, from disseminating your research at public events and festivals, forming dialogue groups with stakeholders to develop your research, through to influencing with policymakers and politicians.


To support researchers to get involved in public engagement the University has:

  • Signed up to the Manifesto for public engagement which aims to foster public engagement with the research carried out across the University
  • Developed an institutional Public Engagement Strategy
  • Recruited a Public Engagement Officer to support researchers to embed public engagement in their research
  • Coordinated a University-wide Public Engagement Forum
  • Committed to providing training and support for staff and student researchers to engage more effectively with various publics

We, as a partner institution of Edinburgh Beltane, provide a wide variety of training and development opportunities to help you increase your confidence about talking to a wide range of audiences about your research.


Some of our researchers have been heavily involved in the establishment of the Edinburgh Bright Club which provides you a means to use stand-up comedy to communicate your research.


For more information please contact:
Dawn Smith
Public Engagement Officer
0131 455 3354
07803 576740