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Mini-REF 2018


Following on from a stocktaking exercise which was conducted in 2016 and in line with the University’s corporate plan action ‘to develop School implementation plans for REF’; the University undertook a second internal mini-REF exercise in September 2018.


This exercise provided an opportunity to trial the proposed Code of Practice criteria (workload allocation and research objectives) and assess the University’s proposed REF submission and overall readiness for REF2021.


The Mini-REF 2018 exercise considered twelve of the University’s fourteen proposed units of assessment for submission to REF2021.


An individual report for each Unit of Assessment has been written, highlighting key findings and recommendations of the mini-REF panel and these have been circulated to the relevant Dean of School, Director of Research and UoA leaders for action.


Unit of Assessment Leaders and DoRs are now responsible for developing and implementing targeted action plans responding to their individual reports.


Each Unit of Assessment submission also included draft impact case studies, which were developed with input from the Professorial lead for REF impact. The submission also included a Unit of Assessment Environment statement and an Institutional environment narrative, developed by the Professorial Lead for REF Environment.


Each Unit of Assessment panel composition included the Director of Research for the respective School, The Dean of School, The Senior Vice-Principal, Dean of Research and Innovation and an external, independent representative with expertise in the discipline and in previous REF/RAEs. Unit of Assessment leaders presented their submission to the panel.


*** Download the full summary of findings *** (internal only)