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Research Process: Applying for external funding




Funder notification and award set-up


6. Project funding notification

  • Once a project has been assessed and approved by the funder they will send a notification on the outcome of your proposal – successful or not
  • Please inform your Research and Innovation Manager or Business Engagement Manager on the outcome and provide them with the documentation. They will then update the record on Worktribe once all the official documents are received. You cannot start or announce project until this is formally accepted

7. Awarded projects

  • Once a project has been assessed and approved by the funder they will send an intention to award, notification of award, award letter, contract or similar documentation (usually to the Principal Investigator). The status of the project will only be marked as successful once the official award letter and contracts (including collaboration agreement if we are a partner) are received and accepted by RIO, therefore PIs must send the relevant documentation to their R&IM
  • All the T&Cs of the award letter or contract will be reviewed by the Contracts Officer before official acceptance of the award.

8. Project set up

  • Any changes to the awarded dates or costs, as per the award letter, will be updated by the Research and Innovation Support Officer.
  • RIO may request for additional admin information on the project at this stage to ensure that the project displays properly on the website once the project is Live
  • The Research and Innovation Support Officer will then initiate the integration with the Agresso finance system to generate a project finance code for the project (RXXX).
  • The Research and Innovation Support Officer will also set up project milestones based on the T&Cs of the project, or flag that formal ethics approval may be required to start.
  • You will receive a notification once the project number has been assigned which includes reminder of finance code, details of any actions related to the project management (purchasing, adding any documents during project lifetime, post award contacts), details about project data management (DMP and X:drives) and an invitation for a project set up meeting to discuss all aspects of project management specific to your award T&Cs
  • Project set up meeting will be organised by Research and Innovation Support Officer for the PI, project manager (if included in application), School Research and Innovation Officer and Research Project Finance Officer to discuss all the requirement and T&Cs of the funder and how the project team will be supported by the post award staff during the project. Milestones, staff recruitment & allocation, reporting requirements and any other issues can be discussed at this time.
  • Any formal ethical approvals can start at this time. Research and Innovation Support Officer will notify PI and school Integrity lead.
  • The project will be marked as Live 1 month prior to the start date to allow the project to appear on the web page (non-commercial research projects only) and start advance procurement.
  • For recruitment and assignment of staff to projects the PI should liaise with the School Research and Innovation Officer to arrange for SAFs and salary change forms to be generated for the project. Pl and/or SRIO must inform the Research and Innovation Support Officer of any researchers recruited to projects so they can be added to the project record.
  • If there is a delay to the project start, agreed by the funder, please contact the Research and Innovation Support Officer who will update the record with the new dates.

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