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Research Process: Applying for external funding




Project complete and closed


10. Project complete

  • Once the project end date has been reached the PI should select the project complete button. Once submitted, upload the final report to the project via the documents tab if you cannot do this the SRIO can do this for you. This will then notify the post-award admin (School Research and Innovation Officer, Research Project Finance Officer) who will then ensure all the finances are up to date cnd reconcile any budgets.

11. Project closed

  • Once all project management checks are complete and the budget is fully reconciled the Research Project Finance Officer will close the project.
  • The Research and Innovation Support Officer do a project close review for audit purposes. This will involve exporting a project report from Worktribe with additional questions about the delivery and success of the project. This will involve liaison between the PI and Research Project Finance Officer to collect this information. In some cases a project close meeting may be required to achieve this. The finalised document will be uploaded to the document tab for the project.
  • Any further Research outcomes after project close can be added to Worktribe via the :
    • Output menu (publications, conference abstracts, reports, etc)
    • Recognition section (invited talks, media activity etc)
    • Marketing menu (news, events, public engagement etc)
    • Impact module *new development Autumn 2017* (corroboration evidence)

Information on how to do this can be found on the Research Management webpages.


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