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Research Process: Applying for external funding




Project management


9. Project live

  • Only once the project has an R number, the agreed start date has arrived/passed and any other ethical/ integrity requirements approved can the work on the project begin. Starting before this will be a breach to the T&Cs of award and may not be covered by University insurance.
  • For commercially funded projects (consultancy and contract research) to appear on the external website, the T&Cs of award will need to be checked and then approved by the Director of Research to ensure it is within the School’s interest to make this activity externally visible.
  • Spending on the project will be approved using the School Commitment Spend System (SCSS) and monitored by the PI and the School Research and Innovation Officer via the project actuals tab on WT. Any large items to be purchased may also need to go through procurement as identified at Bid Development. Invoicing of the project will be the responsibility of the School Research and Innovation Officer (commercial projects) or Research Project Finance Officer (research projects). Other Non commercial projects will be monitored by the school Support Service (SSS).
  • Any staff not working 100% FTE on any project should keep timesheets of their activity for audit purposes.
  • Official documents generated during the project should be uploaded to the Worktribe project documents tab eg interim and final reports, invoices, amendments to original T&Cs, formal ethics approvals etc
  • Once the R&I activity begins all data and information should be securely stored and maintained as per the Research data management plan.
  • Any additional project management milestones required can be added to project by PI or post-award admin (School Research and Innovation Officer, Research Project Finance Officer)
  • If staffing on project or significant changes (budget or end date)are required during the course of the project you should contact Research and Innovation Support Officer who will check this is appropriate for the funding T&Cs, and check that this is within budget. The Research and Innovation Support Officer may also contact the funder for confirmation of this. Once confirmed your School Research and Innovation Officer will assist with the appropriate forms (SAFs, salary change form etc)
  • Research outcomes resulting from the project can be added to Worktribe in the repository (publications, conference abstracts, reports, etc), via the recognition section (invited talks, media activity etc) or the Marketing menu (news, events, public engagement etc). Where possible please link to project and funder.

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