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Focus on Fortnights


We are using a blended approach to bring together our online courses with opportunities to discuss these topics in face-to-face workshops by running ‘Focus on fortnights’. We will focus on particular aspects of the online course over a two-week block. There will be online discussions, short WebEx sessions at lunchtime, and we will run face-to-face workshops as well. The workshops will allow you the opportunity to apply what you have learnt from the online content to your own project.


Email RIOevents@napier.ac.uk for a self-enrolment key to get you started with the online courses, and you can book spaces at the workshops/webex events by emailing RIOevents@napier.ac.uk.


Here are the dates for the Focus on Fortnights:


‘Focus on’





Introduction week

28th Nov 2017

Helping to introduce researchers to the online resources

29th Nov 1pm

1st Dec 12.30pm

Literature Reviewing

5th Dec – 16th Dec

Introducing systematic and comprehensive approaches to carrying out a literature review in any discipline

9th Dec 1pm

13th Dec 2-4pm

Avoiding plagiarism

9th Jan – 20th Jan

Using good referencing practice to avoid plagiarism

12th Jan 1pm

17th Jan 2-4pm

Research methods

23rd Jan – 3rd Feb

Explores research methods used in different disciplines (there are courses for Science, Arts and Humanities, Social Science)


23rd Jan 2-4pm

Research ethics

6th Feb – 17th Feb

Investigates standard practice and recent changes in universities' ethics relating to research that investigates people and their data

10th Feb 1pm

15th Feb 2-4pm

Working with supervisors

6th March – 17th March

Explores key features of  strong student – supervisor relationships

8th March 1pm

15th March 2-4pm

Conferences, Presenting and networking

20th March – 1st April

Encourages researchers to attend conferences and improve their presenting and networking skills

21st March 1pm

30th March 1.30-4pm

Research Project management

24th April – 5th May

Helps researchers to organise their approach to undertaking, leading or helping to lead a research project

27th April 1pm

5th May 10am-12

Publishing your research

29th May – 9th June

Helps researchers develop and plan an appropriate publication strategy for an early academic career

1st June 1pm

6th June 2-4pm

Career planning

12th June – 23rd June

Encourages researchers to start thinking about their future career options

13th June 1pm



Further information is available from Gráinne Barkess (g.barkess@napier.ac.uk, ext. 3341)​​​