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As School Support Enhancement Leads we are responsible for leadership and management across S3 to continuously improve our business processes and the student experience. In this context our role includes the development and implementation of specific initiatives designed to ensure that our services are accessible, efficient and responsive while delivering consistency, value for money and regulatory compliance. Our aim is to ensure support is efficient and coherent and thus releases academic colleagues to concentrate on delivering their schools’ academic priorities and actively support delivery of an unrivalled student experience. The above activities are currently being undertaken with the service.

Please get in touch with any questions/ comments/ suggestions. We look forward to working with you.

Sharon (SN) (X 5684) and Victoria (VH) (X 2425)

Email: s.nairn@napier.ac.uk v.heathwood@napier.ac.uk

Title Stage Activity Type SSEL Name
Data security and control 3. Open Other 1. TBC

​To fulfil its remit S3 has access to a vast amount of information and is responsible for the security of this data. A review of the main activities of S3 is in progress for the top risk activity areas. Once SMT reaches consensus on the areas requiring attention the necessary enhancement activity in these areas will be lead.

Early Module Enrolment 3. Open Project (contribute) Sharon Nairn

​To assist with student management, timetabling and other management of modules there is work being undertaken to review the viability of early module enrolment for students within the university.

Fit to Sit 3. Open Process Improvement Team Victoria Harte


The Fit to Sit Regulations were introduced in session 2015/16. After their first year of operation they were reviewed/evaluated. Arising from this, and S3 Operational plan, a project to move DA1 and EC1 forms to an on line system was agreed. TNE agree to be out of scope.



HEAR 3. Open Other Sharon Nairn

​HEAR will replace the diploma supplement however in order to do this the professional body information and prizes and medals information needs to be put onto SITS.  This information will also be useful for prospectus and monitoring purposes.

Learning Profiles 3. Open Rapid Improvement Event Sharon Nairn

​High risk and bureaucratic process associated with learning profiles.  They are sent from Wellbeing & Inclusion to School Offices who log and circulate to individual academic members of staff.  Consideration of GDPR needs to be taken into account when considering an alternative process

Mark upload 3. Open Extending Pilot Sharon Nairn

​Mark upload to extend the pilot to other schools to assist with consistency, efficiency and freeing up time.

Mobility - Phase 2 3. Open Project (contribute) Sharon Nairn

​Continue the implementation of one prtal to manage students that are coming to Edinburgh Napier University to study for one or two trimesters

Module & Programme Board Guidance 3. Open Process Mapping Sharon Nairn
Module Board 3. Open Project (contribute) Sharon Nairn

​This is part of the university move to a Single Tier Board system and the processes around management of marks and student records

not knowing what team members do 3. Open Project (lead) Sharon Nairn

​Staff are unclear on who to contact or where additional support can be obtained from for activities relation to all aspect of university business an easy way to access this would be beneficial - link to askNapier

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