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The Autumn 2023 graduations will take place on Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October 2023 in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

We are currently planning to increase the number of graduation ceremonies being held, in order to enhance the student and guest experience, and are currently working on the split of courses. We expect to release full details of the ceremonies after the week commencing 21 August 2023.



AT 3:30PM



The School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment 






The School of Health & Social Care

Following programmes only:









The School of Applied Sciences


The School of Health & Social Care

All programmes except programmes attending 11am ceremony




 AT 11AM



The Business School

Following programmes only:




The School of Arts & Creative Industries


The Business School:

Following programmes only:

Accounting & Finance

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Human Resource Management



Tourism & Languages

Flexible Managed Programmes

Academic dress

You will receive an email from noreply@graduation-services.com or donotreply@enet.uk.net with instructions on how to register your attendance, order your gown and hood. As you are now ordering direct from Ede & Ravenscroft, take note of their general Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
If you have your own attire, please ensure that you logon to indicate that you will attend a ceremony. If you're a new member of staff who hasn't attended a graduation ceremony, please contact Eilidh McFarlane via
On the day of the ceremony, staff should report to the stage door entrance of the Usher Hall where you will be met and directed to the academic robing room to collect your academic robes. Please note that staff participating in academic processions should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. If you are taking part in the Academic Procession, further information on procedures can be found on the Academic Procession page.

If you have any queries, contact Student Administration on ext 6500 or graduations@napier.ac.uk.

Graduation is a formal occasion, and graduands are expected to dress appropriately. The academic gown and hood appropriate to the degree being awarded is compulsory for graduands to take part in the graduation ceremony.

Ede & Ravenscroft are the official University robe makers, and it is the responsibility of students to make sure they order their gown & hood in plenty of time for the ceremony - three weeks notice is usually required. Ede & Ravenscroft can be contacted on 01223 861 854 or via www.gownhire.co.uk / www.edeandravenscroft.co.uk.

The Academic Procession

On the day of the ceremony, please report to the stage entrance of the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony where you will be signed in and directed to the academic robing area. Staff in the robing room will be happy to locate your gown and help you put this on. If you have indicated that you have your own academic dress and intend to wear this on stage, please remember to bring this with you.

The robing room is locked during the ceremony, therefore, it is acceptable to leave coats and bags should you so wish.
All processing guests are asked to wear smart attire. Ladies should wear a dark dress/skirt and white blouse and gentlemen should wear a shirt and tie. 
Procession leaders will begin to line the processions up (stage left and stage right) 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony in the corridor outside the robing room. Please pay attention to the procession leaders as they put the processions in order and please remain in position when asked to. The majority of those in the academic procession will be seated in the fixed seating in the choir area. The Chancellor's procession will be seated on stage.

You will be advised by the procession leader if you are at the start or end of a row and you’ll be given any special instructions should these apply.

The procession will be led through the theatre 10 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony and will line up in the ground floor area of the Usher Hall. Any former Honorary Graduates and Court members who are processing will join the academic procession at this stage.

Please await the prompt of the procession leader to enter the auditorium. One half of the procession will enter stage left and the other half will enter stage right. Once on stage, please remain standing in front of your seat as the Chancellor’s procession enters. The mace bearer will place the mace onto the table and the Chancellor will move to the lectern to give the prompt for everyone to be seated.
The order of proceedings is as follows:
  • The Chancellor opens the ceremony
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s address
  • Conferment of any honorary degrees
  • Conferment of awards
  • The Act of Conferment
  • The Chancellor closes the ceremony
Whilst on stage, you are visible from the auditorium at all times and the ceremony may also be filmed. Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off during the ceremony.
When the Chancellor closes the ceremony, he will ask the assembly to stand. The mace bearer will collect the mace and will lead the Chancellor’s procession from the stage. Thereafter, the procession leaders will prompt the academic procession when to leave the stage, beginning with the first row, then the second row etc. Please leave the auditorium and return to the robing area to return your gown and collect any personal possessions you may have left.
Seating for the processions is worked out in advance and any last minute changes do have an effect. If you can no longer attend, please give as much notice as possible by contacting Student Administration on ext 6500 or graduations@napier.ac.uk.​