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The purpose of the School Support Services is to operate as a single unified team, working with other university services to ensure coherent and efficient support to all our service users, to enable the delivery of Strategy 2020.
The key deliverables identified for our first year of operation link directly to the University’s four strategic objectives and the key deliverables of the Corporate Strategy 2015-20 and are set out below.
Key Deliverables
To grow our academic reputation
  • Engage in the development and implementation of school-specific student survey action plans, particularly for those areas where support staff can make a tangible difference to survey outcomes.
  • Ensure appropriate support is available to all schools for accreditation events, in particular the AACSB submission.
  • In liaison with RIO, review and implement more transparent and robust local arrangements for supporting research income growth.
  • In liaison with RIO, review and implement more transparent and robust local arrangements for supporting RPG students.
To deliver an excellent personalised student experience
  • Support student engagement strategies and collection of feedback, (e.g. via NSS, PTES, PRES and the internal satisfaction survey).
  • In liaison with School Leadership Teams, identify and implement ways in which the service can support programme-focussed approaches.
  • In liaison with S&AS, review and enhance arrangements for WBL, employer engagement and mobility opportunities for students.
  • Ensure appropriate resource is made available to Phase 3 of the timetabling project, including consideration of appropriate staff roles.
  • In liaison with S&AS, undertake a review of the operation of School Offices and Student Hubs to enhance coherent service provision.
To build innovation, enterprise and citizenship
  • In liaison with S&AS, complete the final phase of the Graduate Employability Project and create sustainable employability activity.
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to continuous improvement across all services, focussing on process improvement and customer service.
To internationalise our work
  • Work with the International Office on developing new infrastructure; ensuring appropriate support for our international programmes.

In addition to the above, we will:
  • Engage fully with the local roll-out of policies that support positive cultural transformation across the service.
  • Roll out an effective communications and engagement plan within the service, including feedback mechanism from key stakeholders.
  • With support from Information Services and in liaison with S&AS/Dean of LTA, review the Service’s information architecture, in particular how and where academic quality data is stored, accessed and archived.
  • Identify, prioritise and commence Service-wide projects that may be undertaken to improve systems and processes to the benefit of stakeholders.
  • Lead the e-services project stream regarding enhancing consistent online submission, receipting and feedback.
  • In liaison with Planning, Finance and Executive Manager (Strategy), engage fully in the new planning and budget setting approach, with School Support Managers taking a lead role alongside Deans of School in developing plans, targets, etc.
  • Complete the implementation of the service, including the development of appropriate operational practices and procedures.
  • Support the embedding of new academic structures, in particular new school leadership roles (e.g. Deans of School and School Academic Leads) and new committee structures.
  • Embed new PDR approach and ensure >95% completion, whilst undertaking sample testing of the quality of PDRs undertaken.
  • Use Customer Service Excellence framework to enhance service delivery
As a new service we are committed to providing a service which can best support our academic community and to work in partnership with our stakeholders to continually enhance our services. As such we welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have - contact us at schoolsupport@napier.ac.uk.