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Teaching Timetables

Staff can find the teaching  timetable for Trimester 1 2019/20 at the following link: Timetable 2019/20

Students can access the module, room and their individual timetables via myNapier

Academic Year 2019/20 Trimester 2 and 3 Teaching Information


For Academic Year 2019/20 all Module and Programme Leaders are requested to confirm and supply detailed teaching information for Trimester 2 and 3  to enable an accurate individual timetable for students to be created.


Trimester 2 and 3 Teaching Information


Please submit your teaching activities for all modules being taught in Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 2019/20 using this form. Guidance notes​ are available here for staff to refer to. 
The deadline for submitting teaching requests is Friday 27th September 2019.

Conversion Chart

This document shows the conversion of Syllabus Plus Database Weeks to Trimester weeks. We are working with Scientia over the summer months to update Web Timetables to show the week labels (Tr1 Wk1) instead of the database week numbers. 


Trimester 2 and 3 Publication Schedule

Date​ ​Publication
​w/c 11th Nov Trimester 2 & 3 Draft module timetable available to staff for review
​w/c 25th Nov Trimester 2 & 3 Module timetable published to staff and students
w/c 16th Dec Trimester 2  Individual timetables published for continuing students
​w/c 6rh Jan ​Trimester 2 Individual timetables published for new students


Contact details

If you wish to communicate with the school focussed timetable administrators please remember to use the generic email addresses. 

The Business School




School of Applied Science




School of Engineering and the Built Environment




School of Arts and Creative Industries




School of Computing




​School of Health and Social Care





If you wish to communicate with Student Administration regarding timetabling please email Timetabling@napier.ac.uk


Room Booking 

Requests to book rooms outside the timetabling process, including requesting classrooms, lecture theatres, and meeting rooms, must be made through the Conference & Lettings Room Details page using the Room Booking form.