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Teaching Timetables

Staff can find the teaching timetable for Academic Year 2020/21 at the following link: 2020/21 Web Timetables​

staff can find the teaching timetable for Trimester 1, 2021/22 at the following link: 2021/22 Web Timetables ​

Students can access the module, room and their individual timetables as they're published through myNapier

Academic Year 2021/22 Trimester 1


For Academic Year 2021/22 all Module and Programme Leaders are requested to confirm and supply detailed teaching information for Trimester 1 to enable an accurate individual timetable for students to be created.

A copy of the guidance for Teaching in 2021/22 sent out by Alyson Tobin on 25th March can be found here​.​

Trimester 1 Draft Module Timetable 

The Trimester 1 Modules-draft timetable will be available here for review from Monday 19th July 2021.

Due to the constraints placed on timetabling for Trimester 1, by the current circumstances, please note that our main priority must be processing changes where there is an error.  The types of requests we will process, fall within below categories:

  • Error – Clash for students (i.e. student unavailable due to another timetabled activity)
  • Error – Clash for staff member (i.e. staff unavailable due to another teaching commitment)
  • Error – Wrong staff member attached to teaching activity
  • Error – Incorrect activity duration (too long or too short)
  • Error – Incorrect day or time (only where this was previously defined)
  • Error – Too many activity groups (due to decrease in student numbers)
  • Error - Not enough activity groups (due to increase to student numbers)

It is important that we give as much on-campus experience to our students as possible.  If having reviewed the draft timetable programme/module teams wish to add additional activities please liaise with your School Head of Learning & Teaching so that they can be prioritised appropriately, mindful of the space constraints on all three sites at 1m social distancing.  Such requests will be dealt with after all errors have been resolved, and only where they can be accommodated without unpicking and rescheduling draft events.

Please check the timetable information and send any change requests to your school timetabling administrator by no later than Friday 23rd July. This is to allow timetabling colleagues to make any updates, before the module timetable is published to students.

We are aiming to publish the Module Timetable to students and staff the week commencing 9th August 2021.

General Teaching Space capacities 

A copy of the general teaching spaces capacities can be found here​The document details the capacities at BAU (Pre-covid19), 1m Socially Distanced and 2m Socially Distanced. The less restricted scenario is based on 1m socially distanced capacites in general teaching spaces. 

If you have any queries about capacities of Specialist Spaces, please contact your School Technical Manager in the first instance.

Staff Availability


Staff availability forms​ must be submitted each Trimester so that we can ensure we timetable with accurate and up-to-date information (for this reason previous availaiblty data cannot be used).

  • Please use the Staff Availability Form to advise when you are unavailable to teach between 9am and 6pm 
  • Please a use the Staff Availability Form to advise if you are available to teach between 6pm and 9pm. Note that this is entirely voluntary. 

All forms must be signed by your Dean or Head of Subject and returned to your School Timetabling Administrator.

The deadline for submitting Staff Availabilty forms for TR1 2021/22 was Friday 30th April.


2021/22 Trimester 1 Publication Schedule

​Date ​​Publication
w/c 19th July 2021 Trimester 1 Draft Module Timetable available to staff for review​
w/c 9th Aug 2021 Trimester 1 Module Timetable published to staff and students​
w/c 30th Aug 2021 Trimester 1 Individual​ Timetables available to continuing students​
w/c 30th Aug 2021 Trimester 1 Individual Timetables available to new students​​

Contact details

If you wish to communicate with the school timetabling administrators please remember to use the generic email addresses. 

The Business School 


School of Applied Science 


School of Engineering and the Built Environment 


School of Arts and Creative Industries 


School of Computing 


​School of Health and Social Care 



If you wish to communicate with Student Administration regarding timetabling please email Timetabling@napier.ac.uk


Timetabling Policy

​The Timetabling Policy was reviewed by LTASEC for 2020/21. The Timetabling Policy is available here​.


Resource Booking 

To request to book resources for 2020/21 outside the timetabling process, including requesting classrooms, lecture theatres, meeting rooms and specialist locations please use Resource Booker​.  Help with Resource Booker can be found here.​

Please do not contact your school timetabling administrator to make an ad-hoc booking as they will be unable to process these. All ad-bookings must be made through Resource Booker.