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​Cognos​ Analytics


Cognos is the University's trusted source of management information.


Cognos is an enterprise reporting tool, used to provide Business Intelligence for the Strategic Management of the University.  The interactive reports and dashboards that are produced help us understand, analyse and benchmark our performance.   


How Do I Access Cognos? 

Access to Cognos is open to all members of staff. By accessing the system all staff agree to adhere to the Cognos terms and conditions of use.


Cognos is available by clicking here.

Current content available on Cognos is listed below. 


There are two levels of access to the system:


1) All staff reports are open access. Staff can view reports simply by clicking the Cognos link above. Information that is currently available includes the NSS, applications and enrolments and module results. 

2) Restricted reports are only available to a specified group of staff members - for example detailed Tier 4 monitoring required by Admissions staff. If you would like to access a restricted report, please complete the access form and return it to the team at cognos@napier.ac.uk , alongside a request for the reports you need access to. 

* Please note we do not routinely grant access to these unless it is a requirement of the job role *​









How Do I Use Cognos? 

A short guide allowing you to quickly get started with Cognos is available here: User Familiarisation


You must be on the University network, or using eduroam on campus in order to be able to access Cognos. 


If you are working remotely, this means you must be using either the University Virtual Desktop Service, or by remotely accessing your office PC through the VPN.

Ensure that your internet browser has pop-ups enabled in order to access all dashboards/reports on Cognos. You can enable pop-ups by clicking on the image at the right of your toolbar and allowing pop-ups, as shown below:


You can use Cognos on your mobile device by selecting this link here​. Ensure that all pop-ups are enabled on the internet browser that you are using. You can do this by naviagating to the settings section of your browser and deselecting 'Block pop-ups'.  

Users should have Excel and a PDF reader such as Adobe installed to view reports in Excel or PDF format. If you do not have appropriate software installed to read these reports, they will not run.


Is There Training Available for Cognos? 

Cognos is straightforward to use and training is not required to view reports through the web portal. 

Within our Moodle course there are walk-through videos of reports on Cognos as well as key information and FAQs. It also includes the face to face familiarisation presentation slides. Please email cognos@napier.ac.uk if you feel this would benefit you.

The familiarisation sessions are held quarterly by Planning and Business Intelligence and can be booked on HR Connect 'Introduction to University Data Tools: Cognos Analytics/Heidi+'.



What is Available on Cognos?

Area​    Information Available                            Access Status  ​Relevant for

​Bringing together performance measures from across the University using information sourced from different systems into a single tool that can enable easy monitoring comparison of School Academic Performance​. ​All staff ​All staff
​Academic Portfolio Review Overview of the current size and shape of the courses on offer at Edinburgh Napier University, alongside current course/module enrolments and course applications by school/level of course.​ ​All staff ​All staff

Employability (including DLHE)

Destination of leavers information. All staff All staff
Financial Information
​​• Interactive income and expenditure dashboard
•​ Year summary dashboard

Restricted ​Finance, SLG
Research Information ​Research and innovation dashboard - monitor the University's progress against it's strategic goal of frowing research income and activity. All staff ​All staff
Student Applications ​​• Application overview

• SFC UG FT population models

​All staff ​All staff
Student Enrolments ​​• Articulation
• Athena SWAN (Restricted access)

• Gender Action Plan dashboard
(Open and Restricted access)
• Student enrolments - current and previous year
• University factsheet

• Widening Participation dashboard
​​All staff -  restricted access to Athena SWAN and detailed Gender Action Plan information ​​All staff
Student Market Intelligence  ​Historical HESA data on student numbers,
detailed course trends, mobility and outcomes
at UK institutions.



​Staff involved in recruitment
​ ​ ​ ​
Student Performance

 Good honours

• Module results analysis

• Programme results analysis

• Quality annual reporting (Restricted access)

•​ Retention

All staff - restricted access to quality annual reporting
​All Staff
​ ​ ​ ​
Student Recruitment & Admissions Team

• ​Admissions monitoring dashboard

UK Recruitment dashboard

• Tier 4 monitoring

Restriced ​Admissions
Survey Results

•​ Module evaluation dashboard

• National Student Survey (NSS) results​

• Postgraduate Research Experience (PRES) results

•​ Postgraduate Taught Experience (PTES) results

All staff All staff

​Workforce Information ​Interactive workforce analytics dashboard. Restricted ​SLG, School Management Teams



Please get in touch if you have any queries relating to Cognos, or suggestions for its future development, at cognos@napier.ac.uk.​​​​