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​Outcome Agreement with the Scottish Funding Council


The Outcome Agreement with the Scottish Funding Council sets out the commitments of the University against the national priorities of the University.  The Outcome Agreement is a statutory requirement in order to gain public funding from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).


All Universities and Colleges in Scotland are required to submit an Outcome Agreement.  The Outcome Agreement focuses on national priorities as set out by the Scottish Government and these are focussed on the following themes:

  • Widening Access to disadvantaged groups of learners;
  • Success and retention rates;
  • Developing the young workforce;
  • Right learning in the right place;
  • Research and commercialisation.


The national priorities that the Outcome Agreement is aligned to are:

  • Aim 1 Improve access to higher education for people from the widest possible range of backgrounds;
  • Aim 2 High quality, efficient and effective learning – learner journeys are short, efficient and effective as possible and learners experience the highest quality of learning and teaching and achieve successful outcomes;
  • Aim 3 Right learning in the right place – secure coherent provision of higher education in Scotland in line with the SFC’s statutory obligation
  • Aim 4 A developed workforce – learners who have the skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to get a job and progress their career; and institutions that respond to the skills needs of the economy locally and nationally;
  • Aim 5 A research base that is internationally competitive and improving its reputation and standing in the world;
  • Aim 6 University-industry collaboration – deliver a step-change in the engagement of business and industry with universities, removing any barriers to the exploitation of research for economic and wider societal benefits;
  • Aim 7 Sustainable institutions – ensure high quality of governance and management for institutions delivering long-term and financial and environmentally sustainable interactions.


The Outcome Agreement for Edinburgh Napier University with the SFC for 2016/17 can be found here .