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Fundamentally, business improvement works when those who understand how the organisation functions, and actually do the work, are enabled and supported to make improvements.


At the same time we know that improving our University on the front line can be a tough job. BIG wants to make the process of improvement easier for everyone.


To help support staff we have created a framework for improvement, which links together all of the good work we already do in a way that everyone can understand, and anyone can use.  This site describes the framework.


Within this Business Improvement site you will find that information – the people, training, tools and resources that can help you.


Community of Practice


The Business Improvement Group runs a community of practice, to support staff to make improvements


At the request of some of our staff we have set up regular meetings over lunch, the Big Brown Bag Lunch. These aren't formal or required, and hopefully are a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues and a chance to share and learn from each other.


We also circulate emails around the community of practice, the Big Little Email, something that's written by one of our staff, to bring to the fore something to think about in relation to Business Improvement. You can find the emails we've sent here:


Email Brent or Steve and we will add you to our distrubition list for more information about our lunchtime community of practice gatherings, and our email updates.

With the support of the business improvement framework (people, training, tools and resources) there are a number of ways to begin to get things done. 

For example you could speak with your manager about an opportunity to improve a process, you could contact one of the People Who can Help, or you could make a suggestion through the ideas buttons below.