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Sickness Absence Recording

The University is rolling out online sickness absence reporting through HR Connect. This will replace the existing network of monthly reports that are sent into Payroll.

Each Faculty/Service will have the option for line managers or sickness contacts to record an absence. Your HR Client Partner will discuss with the Dean/Director of each area the timing and the approach that they want to use.

What is Changing?

We are introducing a simple 2 step process: 


Step 1 - as soon as you or the sickness contact are notified of an absence, details of the absence should be recorded in HR Connect.



Step 2 - once the employee returns to work they must self-certify their absence in HR Connect.






If an absence reaches eigh days old, without being ended, you will receive an email to remind that a Fit Note is now needed.

Fit note details will be recorded on HR Connect and be available for you to view.




This will enable you as a line manager to have real-time absence data for your direct reports.

You will receive prompts for possible action in line with our Managing Sickness Absence policy.

Transition period

We will be rolling out this feature to a new area each week between now and the Summer.  Anyone recording sickness absence will need to attend a short briefing before the area goes live. We will also organise separate briefings for line managers where the sickness contact option is chosen.

The change will be communicated locally when online recording goes live. 

During the roll out period, you or your staff, if they have been sick, may receive emails from HR Connect. Please ignore these if your area has not yet rolled out online sickness absence reporting.

Further Information

For more information please refer to the relevant user guide, or contact us on hrconnect@napier.ac.uk or ext. 3728.