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Key Dates Calendar for session 2017/18


In May 2017 a working group, with academic and professional service membership, reviewed the key dates calendar for session 2017/18.  Whilst building upon the pattern of previous years the group has sought to identify where it may be possible to ‘declutter’ key dates and help reduce bottlenecks.   In undertaking its work the group has been careful to ensure we honour the commitments made in the Student Charter.  

Key Dates Calendar 2017/18​

The calendar that resulted from the working group was circulated to all academic and school support staff and feedback was received from six individuals.  Where possible this feedback resulted in amendments being made to the key dates calendar. If you are interested in seeing anonymised version of this feedback and response please contact v.heathwood@napier.ac.uk.


Further Enhancement Work:


1) Single Tier Boards

A recent decision was made by the Quality & Standards Committee to support the proposal to move to single tier board of examiner arrangements. As the timing and arrangements to implement this change are yet to be finalised, the key dates calendar continues to show module and programme boards and this will be updated once details are finalised.


2) Additional Key Dates

Work is underway to establish if further information should be included on the Key dates calendar, such as UCAS deadline, fit to sit deadlines and EC boards.


3) Format of the calendar

It has been noted that some colleagues find the current key dates calendar format difficult to use.  In response to this feedback we are currently working with Information Service to explore how to make the calendar easier to engage with and to ensure key deadlines are more visible to colleagues. We will make enhancements as soon as we can. ​​​​