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Food on Campus

Welcome to the Enjoy Catering! We aim to provide a quality, value for money service on each campus. We want to ensure that service is in line with what our customers want. As such, we have the following objectives which guide us to make sure you receive the best service possible:

Our Objectives


  • To serve good quality food at a reasonable price.
  • To provide a wide variety of options that appeal to our diverse customer base.
  • To ensure that services are available to staff and students at times that suit their needs.
  • To provide a range of healthy options in all of our main food outlets.
  • To provide a variety of price options to suit all of our customers. 




Do you want to Book Some Catering? 

Do you need coffee for a meeting? A quick working lunch for an event? Simply fill in our online ordering form to place your order or use the quick link.


Getting in touch